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When people hear the name Carolyn Faulkner, many will remember her stories as the first spanking, the first age play, the first non con, or the first BDSM that they ever read. She truly was one of the originals. When it comes to this genre, Carolyn Faulkner is truly a class act and the real deal.
Be sure to buy the newly edited version of Little Miss to get you ready for her upcoming book Daddy’s Girl that comes out on June 9th! It’s about time Carolyn Faulkner reminds us as to why she is the Age Play Queen. We have all been waiting a long time!
His Little Miss by Carolyn Faulkner

The Age Play Queen is back!
Carolyn Faulkner is the pioneer that started the age play genre with this cult classic. His Little Miss is where it all began.
This Victorian age play series follows the story of first, Lacy, as she comes into the household of her new husband, Edmond, only to find out that Edmond wants BOTH a wife AND a little girl. Training is severe under the stern gaze of Nanny Estelle – and Lacy is one sore and unhappy little girl, as nanny wields the strap, paddle, and cane.
Then, Edmond’s friend, Charles, also wants a little girl wife of his own – and Amy, under the tutelage of Nanny Lydia, is added to the nursery. Extremely hot, sexual, and severe, The Little Miss has been reedited and rereleased for new readers, or for readers who want to take a delicious walk down memory lane.
On sale for $2.99 this weekend only (regular price will be $4.99 on Monday, June 6th).  Will be available on other sites (Blushing Books, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, & ARE) on Monday.  
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