She craved his dominance – needed it, even – to calm the storm and uncertainty that dwelled inside her. He made her feel safe.

Kellina Crawford doesn’t need a guardian; she certainly does not want one, but when her husband, the viscount, suddenly dies, she is thrust into the hands of a controlling stranger, Hamish MacDonald.

Working as a spy for a secret organization, Kellina wants nothing more than Scotland’s freedom – as well as her own. However, her new guardian has other ideas and insists on her complete obedience.

Hamish MacDonald knew he would have his hands full when he was asked to care for and protect the spoiled Kellina. The lass knew no boundaries. What she needed was a papa to care for her and show her the pleasure of submission. But Kellina has a secret she is keeping from him. Thrown together by the statutes of society, he will need to bring her to her knees and break the very rules she lives by in order to keep her safe.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of power exchange.


“Come, Kellina, your bed is ready.”

Kellina lay down on the soft feather mattress.

“You see, dear, when you act like a little girl, you will get treated like a little girl. What do you call me when you act like this?”

“Nanny,” Kellina said, wiping a tear from her cheek.

“That’s right. Nanny Baxter will take care of her little girl. Now, tell me what that horrible viscount did to you, my sweet lamb.” She rubbed Kellina’s back in soft circles.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Kellina said quietly.

“You do, and don’t lie, or I will have to punish you again. If I am going to ready you for your new husband, I need to know what happened. Hopefully, this one understands what you need and how to take care of you.”

“It was really quite awful. He came to my bed the first night, like you said he would, and tried to stick his prick in me, but he couldn’t. You told me how a man’s prick gets hard, but his never did. He came again, but the same thing happened. The third time he came to my bed, he yelled and told me it was my fault. He never came again.”

Nanny Baxter looked shocked. “Kellina, you must never tell anyone this.” Worry creased her eyes. “Your marriage was never consummated; your title as viscountess will not hold. Promise me you will never speak to anyone of this.”