I belong to him.

The king is a beast, hunting women like prey for his sons to take to their beds.

The king’s men murdered my mother. I’ve been captured and forced to bare myself before the royal men. I am humiliated.

They don’t know the truth of what I am. If I’m caught, I will be murdered. If I stay, I belong to him.

This steamy collection contains three full-length stories, including Emerald Virgin, Sapphire Sacrifice and The Amber Voyeur.

Publisher’s note: This action-filled romance contains graphic scenes as well as a theme of power exchange.

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“Quiet down, or you’ll get a bigger audience,” he said as a warning.

Prince James pulled her panties down to her knees and spanked her hard on her cheeks. She felt the initial sting and winced. Her eyes burned with tears of humiliation and pain. Why punish her? The maid stood there, watching the entire event, unable to move. Or perhaps unwilling to? Did she enjoy watching?

Aria let her eyes lock on the floor, unwilling to meet the maid’s stare. However, she could see her shoes and knew that she hadn’t budged from her position on the marble floor.

His hand came down a second time, and the pain radiated across her rear. Wetness began to seep between her folds, and she prayed he didn’t notice or see her glistening pink flesh. That would be worse than having an audience.

“You will obey me, Aria.” His voice stern, his tone unapologetic.

“I didn’t do anything wrong!” Aria cried out, desperately trying to escape his fury and his hand.

“You hit a Prince of Brayleigh. You don’t raise your hand or arm at me, ever.”

Tears threatened Aria’s eyes. Is this what her life would be like from now on? Punishments for not acting ladylike and doing as told? She wasn’t used to living with a prince, obeying his rules, let alone knowing them. How was any of this fair?

“I didn’t hit you.” At least, that hadn’t been her intent in swatting him away.

His hand came down again, spanking her.

Her cheeks clenched together, growing uncomfortable as the ache began to build in her pussy. What had he done to awaken such desires? Had his dominance been what turned her on?

“You will obey me. Say it.” Another swat to her bare bottom.

Aria slammed her eyes shut. It wasn’t the spanking that hurt terribly. No, her heart ached. Trapped here with the other women James enjoyed felt unbearable. The mere thought of sharing him, knowing he did this to the other women in the royal harem was devastating.

She knew her pussy dripped with wetness. Could he see the arousal and swollen folds begging to be touched? A faint moan slipped past her lips. She never meant to tell him of her arousal at all, let alone hint at it. Why give him the satisfaction?

“Say it.” James grew impatient waiting for Aria’s subordination. His hand came down again. Her bottom grew raw, the pain much fiercer as he tried to get his point across.

Aria blinked through her misty vision as tears threatened her eyes. Why had he turned her on? That was worse than the spanking itself, knowing he’d aroused her. The maid walked away, retreating down the hall, no longer interested. Had she seen this display of punishment before?

“No,” Aria refused to do as he ordered.

Another blow to her rear, and she squealed with a mix of delight and pain. Her bottom had grown raw, and his lashes weren’t easing up anytime soon.

“I can go all day,” James said in warning. “Do you want another spanking? Or perhaps I should get the belt?”

“No!” Aria shrieked. “I’ll do whatever you say. I won’t hit you.” Somehow it seemed ironic what was happening, considering she’d barely touched him and he had lashed out on her body.

“Get up,” he commanded.

Aria climbed off his lap, and he lifted her panties back around her waist. His fingers lingered over her hips. Aria swallowed and took a tentative step back as she smoothed down her dress and wiped the tears away. Is this what her life would be like in Brayleigh? How long would she survive here?