In 1721, famed pirate Anne Bonny escaped the hangman’s noose and was forced into a life of respectability. But before she gave up the last of her freedom, she buried a treasure, leaving a family riddle so the daughters who followed would never be trapped in an unhappy life. 

In modern day Charleston, Anne’s eighth great-granddaughter Norris returns to her ancestral home to start a new life and perhaps to solve the family riddle and find the treasure. Norris purchases a bungalow in an up and coming neighborhood and hires Ian Hunter to head up the renovation. Ian’s interest in Norris quickly becomes personal when a man from Norris’s past threatens to steal her family legacy. Norris knows she must stop him before it is too late. Ian knows he must protect her – not only from the mysterious man, but from her own careless disregard for her safety.  

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of domestic discipline and explicit scenes.  

A note from the author


I was inspired by Anne Bonny – a fascinating woman who rejected what her society told her she had to be and carved out a life of adventure.  But that life caught up with her.  The last absolute thing known about her was that she was convicted and sentenced to hang, but “pled her belly” – saying she was pregnant … and with that she disappears from history.  I started playing “what if” and the story came into being … remember, I’m the one who hears voices in her head saying “Excuse me, I have a story to tell.”

Author Interview


What is your writing process like?

I recently shared on Facebook that one of my favorite television series was Castle.  At the very beginning, you hear Nathan Fillion saying “There are two kinds of folks who sit around thinking about how to kill people: Psychopaths and mystery writers. I’m the kind that pays better. Who am I? I’m Rick Castle.”  My writing process is more like “There are two kinds of oflks who hear voices in their heads:  Schizophrenics and erotic romance writers.  I’m the kind that pays better.  Who am I?  I’m Willa Bradley.”


What do you love most about books?

They have the power to transport you to other times, places and worlds.  Writing them allows you to explore your deepest wishes and darkest fantasies.


What is your favorite genre to read and write?

Erotic romance, of course!  But I have to say, I’m a sucker for a Dan Brown Novel!


If you could travel to any time, what time period would you like to explore?

I’m a girl who likes her creature comforts.  I love being in the here and now.  There are things from the past that have a romantic ideation, but the reality is, especially for women, that there is no better time than right now.


Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

Cornwall in England – favorite vacation ever!


Would you rather do the spanking or be spanked?



What do you like to collect?

Basset hound and horse things – pictures, figurines, etc.


Do you have any hobbies?

Horseback riding, white water rafting and hiking

Showing, raising, and breeding AKC Champion Basset Hounds – goofiest dogs on the planet


Favorite color?



Tell us about your most adventurous experience.

A good friend and I sailed from Seattle to Hawaii on her 43’ sloop.  She’d only been sailing a year and I’d never been in deep water.  Her now husband says the fact that we made it there and back and had so much fun is proof positive that there is a God and that he protects fools and drunks … could be he was right!  We were so uninformed about the dangers, that it never occurred to us we couldn’t do it so we had a great time.  I’d do it again in a heartbeat!


Five fun facts about the author


a.       I have shown several different breeds to national championships – Arabians, Paints and Appaloosas – my favorite breed is the Appaloosa

b.      I have shown to the top levels of the American Kennel Club and have more than five champions to my credit including one Grand Champion

c.       Unlike many, my dream car is a Range Rover – I know it should be some fancy Italian sports car, but the Ranger Rover would work best for me – after all I have to have someplace to put my bassets

d.      I’m a white water junkie and have traversed Class 5 rapids.  I’ve done the Snake, the Deschutes and others.  I would love a trip down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon

e.       I once got to hang out with and help groom the Royal Lipizzan Stallions at the Spanish Riding School – just happened to be at the right place at the right time.  Amazing experience.

Character Interview

with Norris Wingate


How would you describe your design esthetic?

It would depend on the client.  I can usually adapt my own style to theirs.  For me personally, I would say it’s a kind of romantic eclectic casual style with a bit of farm house industrial thrown in.


How do you determine where to start with a client?

The first thing I do with a new client is ask them to choose from one of four places to live.  They are to assume everything is equal, cost of living, crime rate, etc.

·         The Lake District in England

·         The French Quarter in New Orleans

·         Tuscany – like Cher it only needs one name

·         The Northern California Coast


What does their answer tell you?

It tells me whether or not they like formal or casual.  The Lake District in England and the French Quarter are more formal.  Tuscany and the Calfiornia Coast are more casual.  It also tells me whether they prefer a cool color palette or a warm color palette.  Cool colors are associated with the Lake District and the Coast; warmer colors with Tuscany and New Orleans.  So if someone says they would choose Tuscany, I know they like a more casual look with warm, sun drenched colors.


Why don’t you just ask them whether they are formal or casual, warm or cool?

Because it’s often hard for people to make a decision – that’s usually why they hire an interior designer.  By talking about some where they’d like to live, I’m able to get what appeals most to them without putting them on the spot


Where do you want to live?

Easy – I’m Tuscany all the way.  After all I have two basset hounds – they don’t mix well with formal or light/cooler colors!  One has to be practical – white cabinets are gorgeous, but no so much with big muddy paw prints and nose prints on them