How Two People Become One Author

Our scenes or stories usually start with something that happens in real life. One of us will come up with an idea or a story and the other will add ideas and do the editing. With half of us in Europe, the other half has to make sure the American details are correct. With half of us in an active BDSM relationship, she has to make sure that the other half doesn’t mess up those sorts of scenes.

One of us is married and her Master came home with an injured hand. After a quick assessment of the damage she knew she had to take him to the doctor. While waiting for the doctor she thought ‘he has hurt his spanking hand!’

After a fit of giggles I quickly shot a text to my friend. “Oh dear, Master injured his spanking hand at work. I’m so going to use this in the book.

The first part of this scene is mostly true to life. The second part is my imagination, but Master is still injured and he will keep count of my infractions and his hand will be better soon. Meanwhile, my partner has edited the initial draft and here you have little bonus scene for Trapped.

Enjoy reading:


Laura was finishing up her work for the day when her phone rang. “Laura, can you come down to the project on Green St.?” Chris asked

“What’s wrong?” Laura couldn’t remember Chris ever calling her from work. She knew James and Chris were very careful and took all the safety precautions they could, but mishaps occurred on construction sites.

“It’s okay, Laura. Don’t worry. James had a little accident this morning and cut his hand,” Chris hurried to say.

Laura could feel adrenaline pulsing through her veins. “He hurt himself this morning and you’re just now calling me?” She pressed the phone between her shoulder and ear and started gathering her things.

“Relax tiger. We’ve treated the injury and it looked fine, but now it’s started bleeding again.”

Laura finished with her things and shut down her computer, she grabbed her keys and rushed toward the door. “Let me guess – the stubborn man doesn’t want to go to the doctor’s?”

Chris chuckled at that. “You know him too well. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal but it’s still bleeding. I haven’t told him you’re coming. See you soon.” He hung up before she could respond.

Laura drove as quickly as she dared. His injury wasn’t life threatening. He probably didn’t need the emergency room, but it was too late to get him in to see his regular doctor. She would have to take him to the urgent care center.

A quick glance at the navigation screen showed her she was almost at her destination and she was relieved to see a parking space close to the house they were renovating. Laura switched on the blinker and maneuvered into it. She hurried out of the car and into the building.

“Hi Mike,” Laura greeted one of the youngsters James was training, “Where’s James?”

“The boss is in the kitchen, second door to the right.” Laura smiled at the young man and followed his directions. She stepped through the door and found a scowling James facing off with Chris. Before she could say a word her Master zeroed in on her. “Laura, what are you doing here?” He turned back to Chris. “I told you I don’t need a doctor.”

Laura walked right up to James and looked at his hand which was wrapped in blood-stained gauze. “Actually, you do need a doctor. Even if that wound doesn’t need stiches, you need to be seen to be sure. When is the last time you had a tetanus shot?” James turned his glare to her instead of Chris. Laura didn’t waver. James was not going to win this debate. Just because she was submissive didn’t mean she was a pushover She pressed her chest forward and looked him in the eye. “You are going to stop being stubborn. You are going walk with me to my car and I am going to drive you to the urgent care center.” James started to open his mouth and she cut him off. “Now!”

James sent another glare in Chris’ direction, but he followed her to her car.

James was silent on the ride over. Laura didn’t know what to say. Usually James took charge in their relationship, but she needed to take care of him sometimes. She was happy it was a short drive and the traffic was light.

“I don’t like doctors,” James grumbled, when Laura pulled into the parking lot, “and it’s only a scratch. A band aid would have been enough.”

Laura sighed and closed her eyes. She needed to control her temper for a moment, she wanted to yell at him for being so stubborn. She managed to be reasonable and said. “If a band aid is enough, there wouldn’t be fresh blood on that gauze. And we’re going to find out about that shot!” Without looking back at him she marched to the door. She smiled when she realized that James followed her again.

When they checked in at the registration desk the receptionist took one look at James’ hand and called a medical assistant to take them into a treatment room. Laura took a seat off to the side and James took the chair by the desk. After taking his pulse, blood pressure and temperature and asking some questions about the accident she said, “The doctor will be right with you.”

Laura turned her gaze to James. He looked miserable. He cradled his right hand in his left. Laura couldn’t help herself, she started to laugh. James shot her an incredulous look and she tried to pull herself together.

“Sorry, Sir, I know it’s not a laughable situation. Laura dissolved in another fit of laughter. “No really, I’m sorry.” She felt guilty about that. James was in pain and might need stiches. “B-but,” Laura wiped away her laughing tears, “I just realized it’s your spanking hand.” She did her best to contain her laughter.

“And you think that’s funny?” James tried to look stern, but she notices the corners of his mouth twitching.

She was spared an answer as an attractive woman about thirty chose that moment to walk in.

“I’m Dr. Michaels. Would you tell me how you hurt your hand?”

“I was working with one of my apprentices. He hasn’t used a nail gun before and I got caught in the crossfire. My partner found three on the floor. They got my hand sideways.”

The doctor put on gloves as James continued the story and then unwrapped the gauze. She looked briefly at the three gashes and said he would need at least two stitches in each. “When did you have your last tetanus shot?”

“I don’t remember but it must have been less than ten years ago,” he said.

Laura started to call him on his fear of needles, but Dr. Michaels said. “Let me just look it up. We have a great electronic records system in place.”


Two weeks later at Club Indigo, James tested his hand by flexing it a couple of times. Good enough.

“I’ve reserved the spanking bench for us tonight.” Laura’s eyes widened.

“But your hand?”


“But-but I haven’t been bad, Sir.”

“No, you haven’t been bad, tonight,” James said and he couldn’t suppress a grin, “but since I injured my hand two weeks ago you’ve sassed me three times. Didn’t you think I would keep count? First at the construction site when you ordered me to get into the car, for the second time at the doctor’s by laughing at me and finally when you yelled at me for getting my bandage wet.” James realized she’d done it all to take care of him, but she’d disrespected him and he needed to rectify that, but her discipline would come with a reward. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and moved his face closer, so he could whisper in her ear. “Your choice. You can walk over to the bench right now, strip and kneel.” He tangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her head back so she had to look up at him. “Or you can add ten strokes to your punishment on top stripping here and walking naked to the bench.”

Laura swallowed hard. “I’ll walk over now, Sir.”

James couldn’t contain his smile. “Good girl.” He pressed a kiss to her lips and released her, but he would never let her go.

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