Martha Welch felt lost. The wagon train left her and her uncle behind when he became too ill to travel. He’d passed on just hours after they left. She was fighting tears when Wyatt Peterson, a local ranch owner, came across her on his way to Green Falls. He drove her wagon into town, where she planned to get a hotel room for a few days. The hotel was full, though. The sheriff suggested Wyatt take her to his ranch, where he had plenty of room and his housekeeper could help her adjust and make some plans. They began having feelings for each other, even though they each tried to convince themselves it was the wrong time to get involved. Wyatt was sure he didn’t have time to keep a lady from New York City safe on a farm in Kansas. Regardless of how determined they were, they soon found out things don’t always go as planned. In fact, since they’d met, it seemed very little was even as it seemed, let alone going as planned.

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