I don’t know how she wrangled the man into it, but Viola Morne has Thor (of How to Rescue Rapunzel) here for an interview. Not only are you in for that treat but she is also giving away a $10.00 Blushing Books Gift Certificate. All you have to do is send the answer to the super sneaky easy question below to Viola. See the details below.

But you better see what Thor is willing to share before you go.


Interview with a Reluctant Husband and Contest

Interviewer: Joining me today is Thor Ericson, the hero of How to Rescue Rapunzel by Viola Morne. Thor, thanks for coming in.

Thor: It is my pleasure, madam.

Interviewer: So, you’re an archaeologist. That sounds kind of dry.

Thor: Not the way I do it. Consider Indiana Jones, rather than the members of Time Team. Remember, Ms. Morne does refer to me as dashing.

Interviewer: Are you really?

Thor: (blushes) Well, Ms. Morne does call me “a Norse god come to earth.”

Interviewer: (clears throat) All right. Now, tell me about your latest trip to Egypt. I understand you and your wife encountered some problems out there in the desert.

Thor: (with feeling) More than you could imagine. You see, years ago I found a map to a lost tomb. Once Mrs. Pringle, the marriage broker, fixed up my wedding to Lady Angelica Saxon, it gave me the funds to follow my dream.

Interviewer: So you found what you were looking for?

Thor: I found much more. I did locate the tomb, and we were threatened by a scoundrel, but I also found the love of my life.

Interviewer: That would be your wife?

Thor: Yes, Angelica is the wife of my heart, though the marriage began as one of convenience. She’s a bit of handful, but I discovered how to keep things in line.

Interviewer: Care to share?

Thor: (winks) It turns out my wife enjoys a good spanking, and so do I.

Interviewer: Any words about your wife’s first husband, Sir Gerard Saxon?

Thor: (scowls) That blackguard! He treated her badly and then kept a diary of what he’d done.

Interviewer: Sounds kinky–and kind of hot.

Thor: No comment.

Interviewer: Well, that’s all the time we have today. Thanks again for coming in.

Thor: My thanks, madam, for a delightful conversation.

How to Rescue Rapunzel Contest

Send an email to violamorne@outlook.com, correctly identifying Thor’s hair color, by May 31, 2015 in order to enter a random draw for a $10 gift certificate from Blushing Books. Happy reading!


How to Rescue Rapunzel

unnamedA beautiful widow imprisoned in a tower. 
A dashing archaeologist searching for ancient treasure.
 When Lady Angelica Saxon is locked up in a lunatic asylum by her unscrupulous brother-in- law, she almost despairs. Until Mrs. Pringle, the marriage broker, finds Angelica a new husband to rescue her.
 Thor Ericson is a scholar who dreams of traveling to Egypt in search of a lost tomb. All he needs is money. A marriage of convenience with the wealthy Lady Saxon is the answer to his prayers, but there’s a problem.
 Angelica’s first husband trained her to crave pain with her pleasure. Thor finds his beautiful wife irresistible. He doesn’t want to be her master, but her unusual passions incite his own.
 As they travel from England’s green shores to the burning sands of Egypt, Angelica and Thor complete a journey of discovery about each other. Every mile draws them closer together, but their secrets threaten to tear them apart. 
When danger threatens from all sides, and Angelica vanishes, Thor must conquer his ambition and follow his heart if he wants to save his wife. Or will he be too late?