She needs protection along with a Dom’s discipline.

Explore two dangerous destinations with hot Doms in DeMarco’s Captive and Santiago’s Secret.

DeMarco’s Captive

Determined to expose the cartel, American Agent Lucy Harrison goes undercover, only to get caught. A blown sting operation puts her life in danger and the man she had set eyes on sees right through her disguise.

Santiago’s Secret

Set up from the start, her best friend skips town, leaving a shed filled with cocaine and Mary to deal with the aftermath. With the drug cartel closing in, can Santiago keep her safe?

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“Now, suppose you tell me what you’re really doing here?” Sebastian hissed into her ear as they climbed the broad marble staircase together. The warm and tender routine had been an act. Sebastian’s hand was still on her arm, but it was really like being in cuffs. The moment they were out of the old lady’s sight he became his true self, suspicious and dangerous.

“I told you, I rented a boat and I got caught in the current and…” Lucky was momentarily spellbound by the huge portrait frowning down on her from the top of the landing. It was a dark, brutal looking man in a general’s uniform, his chest completely covered with flashy gold medals.

“My grandfather,” Sebastian explained. “He was a true tyrant, selfish, dishonest and corrupt. But he had ways of dealing with people who lied to him. As do I, Miss Lucky Harris. As do I.”

“Gulp!” Lucky was scared already, and she couldn’t help wondering if she was in over her head. But her frightened gulp turned into a shriek of alarm when big-muscled Sebastian turned savage and bent her right over the low marble bench at the top of the stairs!

“Please don’t kill me!” she shrieked, getting dizzy from all the blood rushing to her head. She wasn’t in much danger of falling, because there was an iron railing between the bench and the drop. Besides, Sebastian had a firm grip on her lower back, pressing down with one big paw and keeping her steady while he spanked her butt with the other. Still, having a perfect view of a fifty foot fall didn’t calm her nerves. Lucky closed her eyes, and gripped the iron railing with both hands. Down on her knees, with her ass cheeks about to get the full treatment from a dark, handsome and dominating male, she heard herself babbling the world’s phoniest confession. “Please listen, please! I swear I’m not here to make trouble. I was just looking to meet this guy, they call him the Dragon. I heard he’s got millions of dollars stashed away from the old days, when he had like a drug empire. I was hoping he could stake me to the money to open a sexy dance club here, like the one I used to run in the states. I’m not a drug dealer, really! But I do love to party and I have a ton of rich friends in Miami.”

“Liar!” Sebastian brought his hand down hard, smacking her pert, upturned bottom. The sting was incredibly sharp and painful as she was only wearing a bikini bottom, and it barely covered her butt crack. “You didn’t come here, to my home, looking to make a drug deal. You’re here because you want to make your money the old-fashioned way. What are you really selling, Miss Lucky?”

“I’m not… ow! I’m not selling anything! I just got lost, and… ow! Somehow, I ended up here, washed up on the shore, totally by chance. I swear I don’t want to hurt you or your grandmother. I think she’s amazing and…ow! I think she really likes me.”

“I think so too.” The spanking stopped just as unexpectedly as it started. Sebastian DeMarco was dangerous all right. Dangerous and unpredictable. Suddenly, Lucky was being jerked upright, nose to nose, and staring into a pair of incredibly dark, hypnotic brown eyes. “If you want to play games, Miss Lucky, play them with me. But don’t hurt Lady Nora. Not ever. Understand?”