Isobel’s Surprise by Maggie Carpenter

As Isobel Parker, excited and enthusiastic, walks into the classroom for her first night in a creative writing course, she is shocked to see her dream man. His name is Patrick Doyle, and he has black tousled hair, sizzling blue eyes, and muscles bulging under this thin white shirt. For her first assignment, Isobel decides to pen her wicked fantasies, hoping her hunky teacher will see it as an invitation.
Wanting a critique, and claiming it was written by a friend, she nervously gives it to her boss, a straitlaced editor named Brad Saunders, but she suddenly finds herself on the spot. Brad unexpectedly insists he meet her talented and mysterious friend. A short time later, still rattled, she hands the erotic essay to Patrick, and to her delight his reaction is a dream come true, or is it?
Has Isobel bitten off more than she can chew both at work, and with the deliciously decadent Mr. Doyle? Follow Isobel through this sizzling page-turner, and find out the surprises fate has in store for her. Pick up your copy today.
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