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It Had To Be You by Emma Anderson

Sometimes running into your childhood friend can make you realize just how much your life has changed. For Libby and Greyson their lives were set on different paths. Libby had led a rather quiet life, graduating high school, moving out, and now working a quiet office job in a quiet little town in Somerset, Georgia. Greyson’s path had veered in the complete opposite direction, a small role in his early teens turned him into an overnight sensation. He skyrocketed to fame and for seventeen years he was on a fast road of fame and fortune.

When Greyson’s newest movie brings him to Somerset, Georgia, Libby and Greyson reconnect. But Libby finds him less than desirable, his fame had changed him from the boy she remembered. Greyson, though, remembers the little firecracker he loved with the heart of gold and the temper that only he knows how to tame. When the paparazzi forces the two of them in close quarters, sparks and tempers fly as Libby and Greyson realize that things aren’t always what they seem.

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