Jacqueline’s Disgrace by Cerise Noble

Sometime in the future, a cataclysmic bombardment of the world’s major population centers has caused intense global warming and flooding, and the wholesale loss of technology. In this new world, small pockets of people struggle to survive by forming a variety of social structures. In Jacqueline’s tribe, mobility, horsemanship, and sexual modesty are highly prized. But when she comes of age, her beauty attracts a scoundrel who takes advantage of her naivety, then shames her before her family and tribe, who subsequently banish and abandon her.
Pregnant by the scoundrel’s seduction, she wanders the ravaged land, fighting to subsist, to survive, for both herself and her unborn child. She searches for a place of safety, somewhere that her past disgrace will not be held against her.
She finds Jessica and Roy, who have built a village in the wilderness. It is a place of rule and law, where strong men exert control and instill order, often by applying a leather belt to a deserving bottom, but where that ordered structure means safety and protection. These people accept Jacqueline and her child, even knowing her history, but then utilize her strong, innate sexuality for their own ends. She discovers that such treatment, though highly embarrassing, arouses her emotions to a fever pitch.
Come and join Cerise Noble as she continues the Brackish Bay saga, and discover once again her world of a possible and highly sexual future.
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