“Quin growled at her, “I am well aware of what doesn’t make sense. And you are at the top of the shortlist.”

JORD: Dragon Kings Book 2

A sworn protector of the gods, Gemma has been tasked with finding the demi-god, Zoe. As she travels to the human realm, she discovers her only problem is a devastatingly handsome dragon king on the same mission, who lights her fire and continuously makes life interesting.

There is more than dragon fire lacing these pages, as two more alphas fall under the spell of their sassy submissive mates. Tensions are rising as the wolves and the dragons join forces to fight an old enemy. However, things are far from over as more secrets are uncovered, and perhaps the return of someone very dear to them.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy sci-fi fantasy romance contains elements of power exchange.