She’s fighting his punishment…

He’s not her usual type.

When Julie meets Jeff on a bus heading to Montana to visit her parents, she doesn’t expect to come across an abandoned dog at one the of stops. She can’t leave the dog and when she gets off the bus, Jeff insists on staying with her.

She’s grateful for the company, at first. After an argument, she decides to hitchhike and quickly ends up over his lap. Julie is appalled by his manhandling and even more surprised by her body’s reaction to it.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy college romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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Julie stopped in her tracks, and her eyes narrowed when she saw him striding towards her. She turned her head to stare at the freeway and ignore him as she continued to walk forward.

About thirty feet from the freeway, he blocked her way with his body, forcing her to stop.

“Get away from me!” she yelled.

“Julie,” he said with forced calm, “you are being completely unreasonable and childish right now. There’s no way in hell I’m leaving you alone out here on the side of the highway, so you need to get your ass in the car right now, or I’m going to put you there myself.”

Her eyes widened, and her stomach did a flip. He was threatening to get physical with her? What kind of asshole did that? “I will not get in the car with you ever again, and if you lay even one finger on me, I’m going to have you arrested for assault!”

“Jesus you need a wakeup call.” He waved his arms in a wide gesture to show the unpopulated landscape. “Arrested by who, Julie? You call 911, and it’s going to take twenty minutes for someone to get here.” He crossed his arms and said firmly, “Get in the car, or I put you there. Those are your only two options right now.”

Losing what was left of her temper, she tried to shove him out of her way.

Her shove made him stumble back a couple of steps, but he quickly recovered. “Fine,” he said, “have it your way.”

Julie let out a little scream of shock when he lifted her and flung her over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry. She was so startled, she didn’t start to struggle until she realized he was walking towards the car.

“Put me down!” she shrieked and pushed on his back to leverage herself up. In answer, he wrapped both his arms around her legs and held tight as he walked the short distance to the car.

She slapped his back a couple of times as she screamed, “I said put me down, God damn it!”

Stopping in front of the car, Jeff sat on the hood and maneuvered her body from over his shoulder to over his lap. He yanked the phone out of her back pocket, set it on the hood, wrapped his left arm around her waist, and started slapping her butt repeatedly.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” she yelled at the top of her lungs. Of course, she knew what he was doing, but spanking her on the side of the road in broad daylight, without her consent, was so unfathomable that couldn’t believe it. But the blows to her backside hurt even through her jeans, forcing her to accept that it was happening. “Let me go!” she cried.

He remained silent as he continued to wale on her backside with the flat of his right hand. Even with the loud slaps echoing against the walls of the overpass, she could hear a vehicle pass by on the freeway above their heads.

“You can’t do this to me!” she shrieked and began kicking and squirming to get away. Her struggles had little effect as he held her in place and kept spanking.

After a few moments, he stopped and said, “Julie, you need to calm down and listen to me for a minute.”

She continued to struggle and yelled, “Fuck you! Let me up!”

Apparently at the end of his patience, he raised his voice. “I’m about two seconds away from taking off my belt!”

That threat froze her in place.

“Good.” He readjusted her over his knee and said, “I cannot, in good conscience, leave you on the side of the road to fend for yourself.”

“But your conscience will let you beat the shit out of me?” she scoffed, still pissed.

“Beat the shit out of you? No. Spank you like you’re a five-year-old having a tantrum? Yes. Because that’s how you’re acting.”

“I’m going to have you arrested!”

“You know what? Go ahead. Have me arrested, just as soon as we’re back in Billings. But since you’re going to have me arrested anyway, I’m going to make it worth my while.”

He started spanking her again, even harder than before, and she hollered in frustration and pain, “Let me go!” When he didn’t respond, she yelled, “Ow! Jeff, stop!” Her body started reacting to the pain more than her anger as her legs started twitching and kicking. Soon she felt tears welling in her eyes and swallowed some of her pride. “Please!”

He stopped mid swat. “Please?”

The tears slid down, and she angrily wiped them away. “Please, stop,” she said.

“Okay.” His hand rested on her lower back while he spoke. “I’m about to let you up, and you have two options. You can get in the car, and we can get back on the freeway. Or you can continue your tantrum. But if you pick option two, I will take off my belt, bend you over the hood, and spank you with it until you agree to get in the car.”

He eased her back onto her feet and let her stand. She backed up out of his reach.

They glared at each other for several seconds. He stayed seated on the hood and crossed his arms, and she stood facing him and rubbing out the sting.

Shaking his head, he picked her phone up off the hood and stuck it in his own back pocket. “Get in, or I’ll assume you’re still mid-tantrum.”

She wanted to slug him, but she wasn’t quite that stupid. Instead, she huffed, opened the passenger door, and eased herself into the seat with a hiss. Her ass hurt like hell and sitting only enhanced that pain.

He walked to his side, got in, and said, “Seatbelt,” as he put his on.

She put hers on as well, and he started the car.

“Give me my phone,” she said through clenched teeth as images of calling her father and having him pick her up flashed through her mind.

“Once you’ve calmed down,” he answered, pulling onto the road. Within seconds, they were back on Interstate 90 heading towards Billings in an uncomfortable and angry silence.