Janelle has always felt out of place. Before she was even born, her father ditched her unwed mother to pursue a career in sports, bringing shame to her family.

When Janelle finds a tiny kitten alone in a dumpster early one morning, she feels an immediate connection and wants to nurse it back to health, but she lives on campus in the dorms and pets aren’t allowed. Mack, the quarterback for the college football team and her temporary Resident Adviser, helps her pull the kitten out of the dumpster. He firmly tells her that she can’t keep the kitten in her room, but then helps her get the kitten situated in a foster home.

After spending some time together, Mack asks her out on a date. Janelle knows that her mother won’t approve of her dating a man who wants to pursue a career in sports, but when he suggests becoming her Daddy as well as her boyfriend, she can’t say no. His gentle and patient love starts to heal all of her old wounds. But what will happen when her mother finds out?

Publisher’s Note: Sweet romance with a theme of age play and power exchange.

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Without preamble, his large hand slapped down dead center against the seat of her yoga pants, making her yelp, more from surprise than pain. Another slap landed mostly on the right cheek, then one landed on the left, before going back to the center.

Janelle whined and wiggled her hips as the smacks continued, landing rhythmically about once per second.

“Tell me why Daddy is spanking you, baby.”

The swats didn’t slow or stop, so she answered in little gasping puffs of breath, “Because I-I disobeyed you.”

“That’s right. What exactly did you do?”

The continued slaps were starting to sting, and her feet came up off the floor as her muscles tensed. “I brought…Sun home.”

“Right. And what did Daddy say about keeping Sun in the dorms?”

“That it wasn’t allowed. I’m sorry.”

The swats stopped just as suddenly as they’d started. “I know you’re sorry, baby. Daddy’s not angry. Daddy’s teaching you a lesson.” He rubbed out some of the sting. “I’m going to take your pants down, but I’ll be careful, and I’ll make sure that your underwear stays on, okay?”

“Okay.” She felt especially vulnerable but compliant at the same time.

He lifted the elastic of the pants and eased them down to her knees while leaving the silky pink panties in place. Then his arm wrapped back around her waist, and his spanking hand settled on her rear end. “Last question, baby, and I want an honest answer. Were you trying to hide Sun from Daddy, because you knew you’d disobeyed?”

She hung her head and nodded, feeling close to tears. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Hmm, that was a bad decision, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Okay, let’s make sure you make the right decision next time.” He patted her bottom twice and then landed a much sharper slap.

“Ow,” she exclaimed in surprise as more smacks fell. “Oh! Oh, Mack, ow!”

Half of the slaps were landing below her panty line on naked skin, but even the swats over the panties seemed to hurt a lot more than the earlier spanks.

“Ow! Mack, it…ow! It really hurts!” She put her right hand back to protect her bottom from further smacks.

The spanking stopped long enough for him to grasp her wrist and pull her hand away. He held her wrist at the small of her back and resumed the sharp swats. In contrast, his voice was gentle as he said, “I know it hurts, baby, but it’s important to learn not to disobey Daddy.”

Now that her arm was immobile, the swats seemed to hurt even more, and her legs started to kick in response. The visceral understanding of being at his mercy while he caused her pain, mixed with his gentle words of loving intentions, made her eyes fill with tears.

“Intentionally misbehaving and then trying to hide it isn’t something Daddy can overlook.”

“I’m sorry!” she yelled as the tears slid down her face.

“I know you are.”

“Ooow!” She cried, wiggled, and kicked, but nothing seemed to stop the smacks from landing unerringly on her stinging backside.

“It’s a hard lesson to learn,” he said with sympathy as his hand slapped repeatedly.

The sting quickly became an intolerable burning sensation that built with each smack. “Ooow! Daddy, please!”

“Daddy, please what?” he asked, still spanking.

“Please stop! Ooow! Daddy stop! Ooow!”

“Not quite yet, baby. Daddy doesn’t think you’re done learning your lesson.”

Those words made her cry harder, and she blubbered out the words, “I’m sorry! Daddy, I’m sorry!” Her kicking slowed as all of her energy went into crying.

The swats finally stopped, and Mack’s tone remained gentle. “Okay, baby, Daddy’s all done. No more spanking. Are you going to disobey Daddy again?”

“Nooo!” she cried, hanging limp over his knee.

“Good girl. Are you ready for a hug?”

After sniffling and wiping at her face with her hands, she said, “Yes Daddy.” A warm forgiving hug was exactly what she needed.

“Okay.” He let go of her captured wrist and gently flipped her over so that she was sitting in his lap with her very sore bottom hanging in the space between his legs. He pulled her upper half into an embrace and kissed the top of her head.

She slid her arms around his shoulders and rested her forehead on the crook of his neck.

“You took that really well, baby. Daddy is proud of you for going through with it, even though it was scary, and he’s proud of you for taking your spanking without a lot of theatrics. Can you tell Daddy what you learned?”