Follow Karia’s journey as she begins another year at the Academy of the Arts in the secluded Avalon Mountains. This year, she is deepening her relationship with the prince and finding out what dating a royal is really like. The paparazzi continues to stalk her whenever she is in the city.

Her assignment for this year is to write an article about the fashion industry. Designer Melinda Matthews has been a good contact and has helped her tremendously. Fashion Week is an experience she will never forget.

Still torn by her feelings for both the prince and the master, Karia continues to be confused as she excels in her work and studies. Should she just give up on men completely? Prince Henry is too busy for her at times, and even though the master still seeks to demand her submission, Karia feels that maybe she should forget them both and concentrate solely on her work.

Publisher’s Note: This is a story about power exchange.


Karia gave in to the kiss, putting their earlier conversation out of her mind. Right now, all that mattered was this cottage, this room, this bed. She was with Henry, and for tonight, he was hers and hers alone. Nobody was going to interrupt them or disturb them. It was the perfect setting for a night of love. No matter how confusing her feelings were about the future, tonight, this was what she wanted. She wanted Henry.

His lips and tongue moved down her body, first, to her shoulders where he placed tiny butterfly kisses. Then, he moved to her breasts, taking a turn with each of them, sucking and teasing before moving to her flat belly to place more kisses there. Next, he kissed down one leg and up the other until he got to the top and came to the apex between her legs—her sweet spot, the place that desired his touch, needed his attention, and had waited patiently for him to arrive there.

He took his time, teasing her with his tongue before giving her the full-on effect. Karia writhed beneath him, arching her hips to get closer. Henry raised his head and looked at her with a grin. “Greedy little girl,” he remarked before resuming his tongue action.