A strong-willed, professional woman. A king who always gets what he wants. He wants her, should be easy, right?

Kenya is a hard-working, young woman who has made history in her country as the youngest Chief of Staff to the President. All she knows is work but she’s searching for that one man to come in and take control. Will she be able to obey him?

Adrian is the youngest, most productive king in his country. There’s only one problem, he’s still single. He wants a woman who will submit in the bedroom, and beyond, but can stand on her own two feet. Is that too much to ask?

When Adrian meets Kenya he knows he’s found his soulmate, but can he tame her and protect her?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary royal romance contains elements of action, adventure, sensual scenes and mild power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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She was beautiful. No, radiant. No, stunning. Shit, there wasn’t a word that could describe the way Kenya shined. Her smile lit up the room, her laugh brought instant joy to Adrian’s heart. Even her mad look was sexy as fuck.

And her body, her body in that dress was nothing short of a dream. Adrian fantasized about stripping her down, spanking that round plump ass until she screamed for mercy, then tying her up and making her feel heights of pleasure she never had before. She would be begging him to stop by the time he was done.

He had the overreaching need to dominate her no matter what. The way she looked at him, it was almost like she was begging to be tamed.

And Adrian knew he could do it.