Here’s the fourth tale of the new spicy, fast-paced Operation Big Rock Romance series, a spin-off series from the original five-book Big Rock Romance Collection.

Lacy Hardy’s reputation is ruined, and she is completely innocent. Her escort, Carl, is a perfect gentleman when he finds shelter for them on that awful, stormy day. The storm lasts through the night and when they finally make it home the next day, rumors are already flying. Carl agrees to marry her, but he is murdered on the morning of their wedding.

Emmett Burke is a blacksmith in Big Rock and would be the object of every young woman’s attentions if there were any available young women in town. The Big Rock Ladies’ Aid Society, acting on the request of the pastor’s wife who is a long-time friend of the Hardy family, determines that Lacy is a perfect match for Emmett.

Step back in time to Big Rock, where surprises abound, men set expectations and consequences, and sizzling passion lays in store for not only Lacy and Emmett, but for Lacy’s mother, too!

Publisher’s Note: The fourth book in a series, this can also be read as a standalone. This humorous, action-filled, Western romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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“Do you plan to do this… often?”

He gave a hollow laugh. “That’s up to you. I hadn’t planned to have to do this tonight.” Emmett pulled her gown up to her back and began to rub her bottom. “I’d rather be doing something else entirely.”

“I’m sorry, Emmett, I really am. Will you go ahead and do what you have to? I’d like to get it over with.”

He pulled back the paddle and let her have it.

She cried out, trying not to be too loud. “How many are you going to give me?”

“I don’t honestly know, darlin’. I guess I’ll stop when I think it’s done some good.” He swung again and hit the other cheek, then he paused. “You should see this. Your bottom says Lacy Obey.”

“Then can we stop now?”

He laughed for real. “I think you’ve forgotten what a paddlin’ should feel like. We aren’t there yet.”

She steeled herself and hugged the pillow. Splat! Then another. Then another. The paddle was long enough to have a little carryover, but he alternated his aim between the two orbs and kept swinging.

Her lower legs jerked and kicked, and he warned her to try to be still and take her medicine. Emmett was the strongest man she’d ever met, and her mind reeled over how bad this paddling could be if he used even half his strength. She would have deep, painful bruises. With each lick, she cried into the pillow, trying to keep quiet.

He paused and rubbed her red bottom. “It’s nice and dark pink, darlin’.”

She hoped that meant he was stopping.

It didn’t.

“Hold tight now; these are going to hurt.”

You mean those didn’t?

She felt the paddle splat across the top of her right thigh. Lacy raised her head from the pillow and yelled. “Please, no, no, not there,” she begged.

He aimed for her left thigh, and she cried out again. Her right fist beat the bedspread. Then he paused again and rubbed all over the redness.

“Emmett, please no more on my legs. I don’t think I can take it.”

“I think you can take as much as I want to give, but I’ll stop. I only wanted to put the words there where I can see them. Spread your legs some, darlin’.”

She gasped and leaned up on her arms. “You aren’t going to paddle me there, are you?”

“No, darlin’, the paddling’s over.”

Lacy’s relief was apparent in her sigh. She parted her legs.