Lady Amanda’s Pearls by Laura Hart

The Earl’s Acceptance Book Two

Mandy, a modern young Texan, now makes her home in Scotland with her husband Quinn, a Scottish viscount. She was given a valuable pearl necklace by her newly-discovered grandfather, the Earl of Dunblane, but her mother has decided that the necklace should be hers instead. She hires a Dallas lawyer to go to Scotland and get the pearls, but he runs up against the combined power of Mandy’s grandfather, her husband, and her father-in-law, the Earl of Morleton.

The powerful threesome wants to keep the nasty fight a secret from Mandy, but Quinn’s sister finds out about it and tells her, causing the two women to take forbidden action and earn themselves punishment from the furious viscount.

When matters take a surprising turn, the three peers realize they have to beat the Texas lawyer at his own game, no matter what the cost. Mandy’s well-being is at stake.





The Viscount’s Lessons

The Earl’s Acceptance Book One


When Mandy meets Quinn Douglas, she thinks he’s awful – serious, stern, and hopelessly old- fashioned. She has absolutely no interest in him, but after events throw them together several more times, she changes her mind and they start seeing each other.

Mandy relishes her independence but Quinn, a viscount from a titled Scottish family, is not used to having his authority questioned. Mandy knows nothing about his position or his family, but she does quickly learn that dangerous behavior or a bad attitude won’t be tolerated. Being held to account is new for Mandy, who soon learns just how painful a trip over a strong Scotsman’s knees for an old-fashioned lesson can be.

Quinn’s family is dead-set against the developing relationship, and once Mandy finds out who Quinn really is, she herself has doubts about such a different lifestyle.

Can two people from such opposite backgrounds find a future together?

DISCLAIMER: This book contains elements of domestic discipline and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.



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