Nate and Connie have been together for four years, dating while she finished undergrad, and living together for the past two. He’s ready to get married and move on to the next stage of their life together, but she’s refusing to set a date. Worse, her rudeness and bad attitude have him wondering whether they’re meant to be, after all. Nate approaches his brother for advice and is surprised when Bobby suggests Nate take Connie over his knee for her bad behavior.

Connie knows something has to change, but to hear Nate tell her that he thinks this new ultimatum is the only thing that can save their relationship is a shock. Especially since he makes it clear that if she says no, that will be the end of them. Can she agree to go over his knee if it’s really their last chance? And why is the thought of him making her bottom burn so arousing?

Publisher’s Note: This is a newly edited and revised version.