by Pasha Baker

Caught in her fascination of the handsome centurion Gaius, Saxa has become settled in her new life as his pleasure girl, and awaits him as he continues the Roman campaign across northern and western Europe with his promise to marry her when he returns.
Then a threat to her life causes her to run, her complacency destroyed as she finds herself in the arms of a powerful stranger.
Marsus tries to keep his life orderly as he directs the vast Roman legions in the north, but he is sent spinning into emotions he hasn’t accessed in many years when a beautiful young woman is practically dropped onto his doorstep.
Gaius is caught up in a turmoil he didn’t expect when he discovers the woman he has allowed into his world has left him for another. Watching her in the arms of a superior officer is harder than facing a dozen enemies at once.
As Rome continues its campaign to control the world, the three lovers must find their own ways through this rough new terrain, both of the heart and the body.
Publisher’s Note: Legatus is a newly edited and greatly revised portion of a book previously released under the title Saxa. This work includes the spanking of adult women and explicitly described sexual activities, including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.