Stacey is tired of hiding… Is Patrick alpha enough to keep her safe?

Stacey Sullivan has hidden in the shadows all her life. Hiding from an alpha who, if he found her, would force her to mate with him.

When Stacey Sullivan comes to Patrick looking for work, he turns her down. He doesn’t need a secretary but the moment he looks at her resume he knows her business knowledge could help him catch the culprit who has been ‘fixing’ his company’s books. And there is something about her…

Patrick didn’t expect to fall in love with her. Now he wants to protect her from everything, including the man she’s hiding from.

This is book two in the Tears of the Wolf series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This paranormal shifter romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of danger, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, sensual themes and mild power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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It is once you learn to control it.” He lowered his face to hers. “Right now, though, I only want to smell the need wafting off your skin then the orgasm you will have after I satisfy you properly.”

“I love how sure you sound.” She offered her lips to his. He took them with his then swept his tongue into her mouth. He pulled her against his body, trapping his erection between them. Alicia slid her hands over his hips to grip his buttocks. She felt a thrill race through her when she felt his member thump against her. He liked that.