Despite not having a great start in life, Seraphina never gave up hope that good fortune would smile upon her. Just when things are looking most dire for her, she is whisked off to a new life at Primrose Park, home of Lady Tempest Knox and her husband, James.
When it is time for Seraphina to be married, Lady Tempest knows there is only one person up to the task – Lady Ambrosia, Matchmaker to the Discerning.
Dr. Lucas Spencer, the most eligible bachelor in the village of Briar Glen, is shocked by the lengths to which the local ladies – and their mothers – will go to ensnare him in marriage. Looking for a proper bride to share his life, he contacts Lady Ambrosia.
Seraphina has never met a man as handsome as Lucas, and when he boldly informs her that marriage to him will include firm discipline, Seraphina’s heart melts for her stern husband.
Lucas and Seraphina are well on their way to happily ever after. But will a secret from Seraphina’s past tear them apart forever?
This is book three in the Regency Matchmaker Series but can be enjoyed as a standalone.
Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of power exchange.

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“Suppose? Have I not shown you quite thoroughly that I am male through and through?” He grabbed me about the waist and pulled me to him for a kiss. It started out gentle and quickly left us both breathless by the time our lips parted.

“Yes,” I said, “I do believe you are quite manly.”

His hand slid down to cup my bottom. “And you, my dear, are very womanly.”

I giggled and blushed. “Please, you are embarrassing me. Besides, what if someone sees us out here?”

In answer to my challenge, James used both hands to take a firm grip on my arse. “Did you not say I ought to be more impetuous and you would show me how?”

“Yes, I did,” I admitted, warming to the implied challenge of his words. I mimicked his movement and gave both cheeks of his bottom a squeeze.

“Oh, you are a naughty girl.” Digging his fingers into the flesh of my backside, through the many layers of gown and petticoats, he lifted me from the ground and swung me in a breathless circle. He pulled me high so that I rested my hands on his shoulders for support, my face higher than his.

I squealed with delight as he spun around again. By the time he set my feet back on the ground we were both dizzy and laughing. Taking me by the waist he pulled me to him again for another kiss.