Alice Liddell's sexy romp has readers buzzing.

Blushing Books author Alice Liddell has fulfilled both of those dreams with the success of her Victorian fantasy Childebride Island, which has garnered three five-star reviews since debuting on

Just read what reviewers are saying about her book:

Mollie Abbey penned this review:

This book is one the most hardcore erotic books that I have ever read.

With this being said this book is one of best that I have read in a really long time. The descriptions on how Nurse Ingrid is training Clara, for her new “Papa” – Lord Bardwick – is so detailed you feel like you are watching from the side lines.

I found it extremely detailed and it pulls you into the story right from the start. I could not put it down and I read it all in one night.

The ending is definitely a cliff hanger and it leaves you wondering (and really wanting to know) what happens next.

I am looking forward to the next installment to this saga to be published – hopefully it will happen soon then later.

Reader Morgan of the Lake called Childebride Island “pure, escapist fantasy” before going on to say this:

I bought this book a couple of days ago intending to read it on a trip, but after the first chapter I was hooked and stayed up all night to finish it. I liked it that much.

Unlike some ageplay books, this one really came across as believable, probably because the Victorian time period facilitated women being naturally more dependent in the first place. When the main character, Clara, is sent to Childebride Island to be trained in the art of living and submitting like a little girl, she doesn’t realize that she’s being groomed for Lord Bardwick, one of the rich men who pay handsomely for the privileged of taking charge of a well-trained, grown-up little girl.

This book focuses on the training Clara receives at the hand of her strict nurse, Ingrid. The descriptions are very graphic; as a prior reviewer noted, this is not a book for readers who can’t handle detailed descriptions of spanking, anal play and other BDSM-oriented activities. I was prepared for this after reading the summary, but I wasn’t prepared to really like the characters as much as I did. Clara is sweet and charming and even Ingrid – who isn’t above correction herself – has her likable moments. I’m eager to read further installments and learn more about the stoic Lord Bardwick who was eager to finally claim his newly trained Childebride.

The only thing unfulfilling about this book was the cliffhanger ending. I’m really anxious to see what happens next!

Reviewer Jaybob said Childebride Island reminded her of the Victorian fantasies she enjoyed back in the seventies:

I bought this book based on the other reviewer’s comments, hoping for the best but frankly expecting to be – if not completely disappointed – at least let down. I am very pleased to say that my pessimism was unfounded. This is in many ways the hottest book I have read in years. For those who remember the battered paperbacks of Victorian erotica that started appearing in the 1970s, (I had a few stuck between my mattress and box spring!) this will be a great stroll down memory lane. And honestly, I think it’s better than most of those. It’s extremely well written by someone who has more than a passing knowledge of Victorian times.

Be warned, this book is explicit, and non-consensual, and some of the BDSM scenes and spanking scenes are fairly severe, yet at the same time the reader never seems to feel that Clara, our heroine, is being abused. Our young lass is kidnapped and then “trained” by a single minded nurse … Not only is the young woman, Clara, an interesting character, but the supporting cast (Nurse Ingrid, and a delightfully diabolical doctor who runs the whole show) are also multi-faceted and believable.

Politically correct fantasy this is not, but if you occasionally like to take a walk on the VERY dark side of non-consensual BDSM, this book is for you!

So congratulations to Alice Liddell for not only writing a much-loved book, but one that apparently has readers clamoring for more!