Lord Edmund is a man of passion and status. Will Lilian allow the earl to show her what pleasure truly means? Or will she succumb to her staid upbringing and keep him at a distance?

The situation is complicated even further for Lilian when she discovers two secrets. The first is that the earl enjoys the company of both men and women, and he draws her old friend Thomas into the journey he takes Lilian on. The other secret is that Lilian is not who she has always believed herself to be, and the complications that arise threaten to sever the love they have only just found.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of ménage and power exchange. While it is the third in the series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.


She was overwhelmed, trying to sort out the feelings of hands on her thighs and breasts. Then, suddenly, Tommy leaned down and kissed her leg, just where his hand was rubbing her. His mouth was hot, intense. She cried out as he followed the trail of his fingers with a series of kisses, moving up toward her core. She could feel her juices spilling out onto her thighs. She wanted to pull away, call out that Thomas should not see such dirty, messy wantonness. But together, the hands of Edmund and Thomas held her thighs open.

The gap in her drawers concealed nothing. Her most private parts were displayed for both men to see.

Edmund gripped Thomas’ hand firmly in his and guided it to her hot, wet core. Lilian jerked as Thomas’ hand pushed against her, molding the shape of her womanhood, capturing the heat and essence that was surging from her body. She cried out and pushed back against the couch, overwhelmed by the intensity of the feelings those hands were drawing from her body.

Edmund bent down and caught her cry in a kiss that blistered her lips. She writhed between the two men and her hands flailed. Edmund grasped her wrists and held them firmly between her breasts as he concentrated on kissing her. His other hand still continued working with Thomas’, exploring the soft petals of her womanhood, tugging at her core and pulling more and more sensations out of her, fondling the sensitive folds and stroking through the wetness, spreading it over her.

About the Author

Kathy Leigh has loved books and writing since she could first follow the stories in her bedtime tales. She began writing stories in old school notebooks when she was eight years old but only recently thought that others might want to read her stories, too.

A romantic at heart, she is inspired by thunder storms, sunflowers and the belief that every princess deserves to find her prince. She loves curling up on her couch with a good book, a glass of wine and her cats for company. As a young girl she particularly enjoyed novels by Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen novels, and sighed over Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. She now enjoys historical romance with an edge. She also enjoys fantasy, especially if it has a touch of romance.