She made the trip west to marry another, but fate had a different plan.

Eager mail order bride Lily Holt is on her way to marry a man she’s only met through letters. She’s been offered the position of schoolteacher in the town, too. When she steps off the stagecoach in Big Rock, her fiancé́ isn’t there to greet her. Instead, she’s met by his best friend, Amos Cameron. Amos has to break it to her that Will, her fiancé́ and his lifelong friend, has died as a result of a logging accident.

Lily is gratified that Will’s last thoughts were of her well-being when he left her his home and possessions. He’d also made Amos promise to take good care of Lily from then on and to finish the work that remained on her house. He told Amos to marry her, too, but Amos couldn’t reconcile that request with his own conviction that Lily was Will’s woman. To fall for her would be betraying his friend.

Will Lily and Amos be able to work through their grief and move on with their lives? Find out when you step back in time to Big Rock and enjoy this tale of loves lost, loves found, and new beginnings. Revel in a time when men ruled the roost and women loved them for it, at least most of the time.

Publisher’s Note: The sixth book in the series, it can also be read as a standalone. This humorous, action-filled, sweet Western romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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Lily wondered why he didn’t go ahead and bare her all the way. After all, there wasn’t one square inch of her he hadn’t seen and touched already. He rubbed and squeezed. He ran his hands down her bare thighs to the tops of her stockings, then stroked her stocking-covered legs. His touch varied, making her want more stroking. He worked his way back up her legs to her bottom again and palmed each globe.

“Beautiful, perfect handfuls, with just the right amount of jiggle. I do love that jiggle. Perfect cheeks. Cheeky cheeks. Saucy, pert little ass cheeks just begging to be smacked.” With that, he delivered a minor stinger to her right buttock. Lily made a little gasping cry, but it was more of surprise than any kind of pain. It hadn’t been that hard.

She didn’t protest and Amos rubbed the stricken cheek. “Even through these bloomers, I saw that jiggle and it makes me want to see more.” He struck the other side, the one nearest him. “Mmm, just look at that.” He rubbed again.

Lily was in a quandary. What he was doing felt good. Very good. She was glad for loose bloomers, or else he might know how aroused she was becoming. She knew she was aroused because of the touching and caressing, not because of the smacks to her backside. Why, they weren’t even real smacks; he was only playing. That wasn’t the part that was exciting to her. It wasn’t. It was not. It couldn’t be. Was lying over his lap part of it? Not being able to see what was happening? Not being able to see what he saw? Being vulnerable and at his mercy? No, no, no, and no. That could not possibly be exciting me.

He swatted again, a few more times, and each time, he complimented her backside. They were compliments, sort of. He made them sound very dirty, though. Very lewd.

Lily was embarrassed and confused when she heard herself moan and realized she was making little movements against Amos’ lap. She wanted out of this position, something that gave her some degree of control. “All right, you win. I won’t argue. I’ll be sure to discuss.” She pushed up from the arm of the couch. But Amos put his hand between her shoulder blades and kept her down.

“Not just yet, sweetie, I’m enjoying this too much.” With his right hand, he untied her bloomers and pulled them down. When he met resistance from her body weighing them down, he pulled harder until they were free and dangling from her ankle. “Now, I can see that jiggle better.” He swatted again. It stung for a moment, but Lily couldn’t honestly say it hurt. He swatted the other side.

She couldn’t help it. She wiggled her backside upward in search of his soothing, rubbing hand. Amos chuckled. “My sweetie does like this after all. You want some more, little girl?”