A story of true love that stood the test of time.

This is the final chapter in GG and Leo’s love story. There are grandchildren in their lives now. James and Allison met in college and fell in love; they made their lives in the city and James never returned to Boone to live. But their son, Carter, and their twin daughters, Shelby and Savannah, love to visit their grandparents in the rustic little town of Boone.

GG and Leo are sharing a rich, loving life in Boone and beginning to plan their retirement years. There are the usual crises that happen in any family, but Leo and GG are hit hard when there is a death in the family. It’s a hard period for the whole family, and Leo and GG have to fight hard to get back to the happiness they shared before the accident.

There are more struggles. But the love they share is worth the work that it takes to keep it thriving and they survive the struggle and settle down to live out their lives in the bond that has become even stronger. When the ultimate tragedy strikes the happy couple, it will take the whole family to try to salvage GG, who is the glue that holds the family together. Will they be able to do it?

Publisher Note: This sweet love story contains a theme of power exchange. The final book in A Strong Man’s Hand series, it can be read as a standalone.

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“I’m sorry, Leo, I just wasn’t thinking. I was so involved with what I was doing. I was going to take a sandwich with me, but I got in a hurry.”

“So you ended up with such a drop in your blood sugar that you didn’t get much of anything accomplished. Did you have a headache too?”

“Yeesss, a little bit.” She couldn’t look him in the eye.

“Well, we’ve talked about this more than once, haven’t we?”

“Yes, but—”

He was shaking his head. “No buts. This time, we’re going to make sure that you remember from now on. Finish eating.”

She drew it out as long as she could, finishing up when she could see that he was losing patience. It had been a long time since he’d had reason to be stern with her, but he certainly was now. GG took her dishes to the sink and rinsed them, then put them in the dishwasher and turned to see that Leo had pushed his chair clear of the table and was sitting there waiting for her.

“Come here,” he said firmly.

GG’s stomach crawled with dread and she moved slowly over to stand in front of him. He took her hands and looked up at her.

“You know what comes now?” he asked.

“I don’t… I really am sorry, Leo. I promise I won’t let it happen again.”

“I’m glad that you’re sorry, but that’s not enough. What happens when you go without eating for too long?”

She hung her head and said, “I can’t think straight and everything I try to do goes wrong.”

“And what else?”

“I get jittery and I get a headache.”

“That’s right. And then your day is ruined and my day is ruined because it hurts me to see you like that. When I can see how much your head hurts, I can’t stand it.”

She looked up hopefully. “Well, then, you wouldn’t want to hurt my butt now, right?”

He actually laughed. “This is going to be a lesson and a reminder that you won’t forget. This is the kind of hurt that will do you good. Now, over here.”

He pointed to his lap and she reluctantly moved to stand beside him so he could pull her across his knees. Without any further talk, he raised his arm and brought his hand down on her bottom with a hard, stinging smack. He followed it with three more quick slaps in the same spot, making her cry out in protest. Then he turned to the other cheek and was soon peppering her bottom with sharp smacks, all over both cheeks. He stopped to pull up her skirt and tug down her panties and the spanking continued. He spanked her harder and harder and aimed his slaps progressively lower on her bottom until he reached the tender spot where her butt met her thigh. GG was howling at the burning pain, squirming and kicking frantically, trying to get away from his brutally hard hand.

“Ow, ow, ow!” she wailed, “I’m sorry, I really am! Please stop, Leo, please!”

But the spanking went on for several more hard smacks before he stopped, laying his hand on her flaming bottom and feeling the heat rise off her flesh. “Now, GG, you’re going to get up and take off your skirt. And then you’re going to go over there to the drawer and get your paddle and bring it to me.”

“Nooo,” GG wailed. He immediately delivered several hard smacks to her sit spot and she gasped. “All right! All right, I’ll do it.”