Everything was coming up lovely for the beautiful and talented Yolan Belle, second in command in the crew of ladies ran by her best friend Tayana Bradley, they continued to make big, yet quiet, moves while taking over Houston. While working with the crew is her most important and rewarding job, her pride and joy, her real estate company Royalty Realty she runs with childhood friend, Asia Thomas is a close second. She wanted for nothing.

Nothing that is until Ryan Devoe steps into her lobby one day with a list of demands, sky high expectations and the face and body of a god! Yolan soon finds herself ducking and dodging the one thing in her life she was all but sure she could live without, especially from a strait-laced businessman like Ryan. When danger rears its ugly head, it appears her house of cards is about to fold and collapse in on her, bringing the best of both worlds tumbling down. Yolan has to make a choice no woman should ever have to. Does she choose love or does she choose loyalty?

This is book two in the Dangerous Love series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of danger, suspense, action, adventure, sensual scenes and power exchange and is intended for adults only. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Ryan threw his head back and let out a growl of frustration that immediately turned into a moan of pleasure as she positioned herself over him and her wet box slid all the way down his erection.

“Fucckk!” he hissed, closing his eyes as she began to move her hips, matching the movement she was making while in the splits on the floor. She pulled his head to hers and pushed her tongue deep in his mouth tonguing him down as she rose high and came all the way back down on him.

His massive hands grabbed her hips and held her tight, bringing her back down as he thrust his hips upwards to drive into her deeper.

She was stretched wide by the size of his invasion, the mixture of pleasure and pain his massiveness caused had her seeing stars and her body trembling.

“Ryan, damn what are you doing to me?” she sang and hit a high note as he went even deeper.

The chair began to creak and rock as they continued to slam into each other, their moans and cries were louder than the now raging thunderstorm outside and music playing in the room combined.

He bit her earlobe and pressed his mouth against her ear. “I can’t get enough of you, my dick is hitting the bottom and I still want to go deeper! Fuck, Ny, fuck you got me so fucking hard right now it hurts!” Ryan’s hands moved from her hips to her ass, he took a firm grip and repositioned her so instead of going in straight up and down, he was at an angle hitting her G-spot.

Yolan closed her eyes tight, leaned back and arching her body into a backbend, her hands braced on the carpeted floor as he pounded on.

“Goddamn, Baby,” he hissed, surprised and turned on even more by how flexible she was at the same time. His fingers dug into her ass as he held her tighter and moved his hips from side to side to experience all she was offering him.

The chair suddenly tipped too far forward because of their aggressive movements, spilling them onto the floor, their connection never broke.

Ryan lifted her legs onto his shoulders and continued to ram into her, sweat poured off of them both as they continued to move, the craving to devour each other driving them recklessly towards the same goal.

Yolan bit his bicep to keep from screaming out loud as she was beginning to climb towards her euphoric end. Her orgasm started at the tips of her toes this time, the ringing in her ears sounded like someone struck a massive Tibetan singing bowl by her head.

The beautiful, haunting sound vibrated from deep within her as she soared higher, her calves spasmed, her thighs shook as his relentless strokes continued, the chill that shot up her spine and through her limbs caused her to tremble all over.

“Ryan! Holyfuckingshit! Holyfuckshit! Damn Baby Damnn!” she screamed at the top of her lungs, she gulped for air as she was pulled under the waves of passion by the weight of her completion.

Ryan’s hips lifted high one last time before he slammed into her hard and erupted inside of her. “Goddamn, Ny! Your pussy got me weak, Baby, fuck!” he swore and collapsed on top of her.

She could feel their juices creating a puddle underneath her, as she tried to catch her breath. He held her close as they both continued to shake, eyes closed tight as the shivering of orgasmic pleasure continued.

Yolan felt tears rolling from her eyes backwards into her hair as he rocked her slowly bringing them both back down to earth.

“I have never felt anything like that in my life,” she admitted quietly, quickly wiping away her tears.

He looked down at her and kissed her lips. “Me either, Ny, me either. I’m sure I pulled or dislocated something I just feel too damn good to care right now.” He chuckled moving her hair, moist with sweat from her face, resting on his elbows above her. He leaned forward and kissed her lips softly.

“Ny? Why are you calling me that?” Yolan asked, touching his face when they broke apart again, smiling up at him curiously.

“I told you I wanted to find a nickname that only I called you, and in my opinion your first name Nyiesha fits you so much more than Yolan does,” he stated placing random kisses on her face, running his fingers through her hair.

“Still in Love” by Troop filled the room and to her surprise he started to sing it, his sex hazed eyes never left hers as he sang.

Yolan felt something beyond orgasmic contentment move through her and shook from the realization, she had done more than just catch feelings for Ryan, she had messed around and fallen in love. Shit.