Love Under the Violet Crown

The Passion Quest Book 2


Dr. Julie Patterson is an alien anthropologist. She is on a quest to bring peace to the galaxy.

Julie and her scientific team are aboard the starship Kart Wilhelm, orbiting the planet Maia-3 with its population of bronze age humanoids. Their mission is to redirect the focus of the war-like beings to become successful trading partners. To accomplish this goal, the invading scientists plan to kidnap key individuals and implant new ideals of peace and freedom into their brains.

A native of Maia-3, Iva is a member of the wealthy and deeply spiritual Violet Crown family. Following the custom of her people, her father arranges a marriage to a respected mathematician, Archmed. Although Iva is an influential citizen, hers will be a marriage of convenience, meant only to produce children. However, she longs for true love with her husband. She wants him to reject the concubines he uses for pleasure and lie with her only.

One night, the scientists seize Iva and Archmed. Iva mistakes them for the gods. Remembering the experience, she has a plan to capture her husband’s love.

The best laid plans of scientists and natives go awry. Following their long voyage through hyperspace, the starship’s crew is distracted by the amorous, scantily-clad natives on the warm, inviting planet. Combining business with pleasure creates problems for Julie’s objective. Meanwhile, Iva is kidnapped by a sinister native bent on having her as his wife. The fledgling unity on Maia-3 is shattered.

Can Julie and her lover, marine Lt. Harold Hunter, restore discipline to the ship and bring peace to the natives? And what is Dr. Patterson’s secret mission?

Publisher’s Note: This sexy, romantic romp in outer space is the sequel to Love on a Forbidden Planet, but it can be read as a stand-alone novel. It contains discipline scenes as well as explicitly described love scenes.




Love on a Forbidden PlanetThe Passion Quest Book 1

Where no woman has gone before…

Amy Toller is responsible for determining which alien species are intelligent and which aren’t. It’s her job to travel to different planets and observe the aliens from afar. Between her exciting planetary explorations, the boredom of interstellar space flight is relieved by her boyfriend, Mario. Snuggled in Amy’s cabin, Mario’s explorations take her emotions – and her body – to places she’s never experienced before, and when he spanks her for the first time, she is amazed at the response it evokes in her.

Halfway through the mission, the captain orders Amy down to the surface of the planet Corvus-3 to complete an assessment of the natives, and to decide whether they can mine the planet for lanthanum, which Amy’s people desperately need to survive. Unfortunately, the savage Barbas have also discovered the mineral deposit. The Barbas are Amy’s home planet’s mortal enemies. Savage and ruthless, they will go to any lengths in order to access the valuable mineral.

When she finds herself stranded on Corvus-3, Amy is forced to join the planet’s native alien population to survive. She finds herself taking part in all their daily rituals, including their nightly orgies with spanking as foreplay. As a result, she gets very close to these primitive near-humans, and soon finds herself in a one-woman war to save them – and the galaxy – from the Barbas.

Will she succeed? And what of Mario? Did he remain on the ship which seems to have abandoned her to her fate? Will she ever see him again?

Publisher’s Note: This exciting sci-fi tale is not a typical M/f romance. It contains explicit sexual themes with multiple partners, including spanking, exhibitionism, anal, and voyeurism. If such material is likely to offend you, please do not purchase.






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