Maddie wants her best friend to be her Daddy, but she’ll never tell him.

Maddie and Zar met in college and have been inseparable ever since. She’s been crushing on him all this time, but she won’t ever tell him. She isn’t his type. He’s hot and she’s… well… not, in her opinion.

Zar wants to be a Daddy to Maddie’s little side, but how can he tell her? She only wants to be friends. He needs to find a way to convince her that she is the one for him.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary age play romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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This was her first really serious spanking from him, and he was determined to get things arranged in the best way before he lifted her into his arms and brought her with him to the top of the bed, where he rested back against a slew of pillows, holding her gently on his lap.

“It’s all over, baby girl,” he whispered, arms tightening around her every time a fresh round of sobs began. Her face was buried in his chest, one hand clutching at him until he gave her his thumb to hold—which he was glad to notice that she gripped very strongly as he stroked the length of her back slowly and gently while kissing the top of her head.

When he went to adjust the two of them a bit more comfortably, her head shot up and she grabbed at him as if she thought he was going to abandon her, which was the furthest possible thing from his mind.

“I’m right here, little love,” he crooned, stilling immediately. “Not going anywhere. Just moving the pillows a bit so I can sit up more and hold you better. Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from you, right now or any other time you need me.”

Only when she’d quieted against him, did he move again. She’d snuggled even tighter, clutching at him as if she couldn’t get close enough to him, collapsing again and sobbing softly.

It amazed him that she would do such a thing—cling so tightly to the one who had put her through such a trial—but that was one of the most profound things about this type of relationship. She should have been running away from him as fast as she could, considering the appalling condition of her backside. But instead, she was plastered to him, pressing herself against him for all she was worth.

He would never fail to be humbled by the purity of the emotions she was displaying. He’d just thrashed her pretty well, and her bottom was going to remind her of what he’d done to her for several days. But he had no doubt that because he’d done that for her, because she knew that he loved her enough to do it, she was there, in his lap, seeking comfort from the same man who had driven her to the tears with which she was still christening his chest.

“Ah, little one, I’m so sorry I had to spank you,” he whispered, gathering her closer, stroking her hair and patting her back gently.


“Yes, baby love?”

“I-I’m sorry I left like that.”

“I know you are, punkin’. I know you always want to be a good girl for me.” She nodded vigorously at that. “It’s all over and done now, though. You don’t have to worry about it again, unless you get it into your mind to do that again.”

Her head moved up and down more solemnly at that, still sniffling occasionally. “Do… do you still love me?” Maddie whispered tentatively against his chest, unable to look at him.

And although he was sad that she felt that she had to worry about that, he knew her more than well enough to understand the thought processes behind it.

Zar lifted her up a bit, still being very careful about not making her put any weight on her bum, brushing her hair way from her face again and making certain that those damp eyes were on him when he responded. And when he did, he kept his tone very reassuring and calm and loving. “Absolutely, doll. I know you will, at times, no matter what I say, and that’s fine. But you never have to worry about that kind of thing. I’ve loved you for a very long time, Miss Maddie, and I intend to continue doing so for the rest of my life. No amount of misbehavior will ever change how I feel about you. Disciplining you is one of my responsibilities as your Daddy, and you know I take my responsibilities very seriously.”

She nodded.