After the death of her father, Leanna Bradley’s family in England is facing financial ruin. When Trevor Grayson offers to save them in exchange for marriage, it seems like the answer to her prayers. He is everything she always dreamed of in a husband, and she would gladly give him her heart. But he makes it clear that theirs will be a marriage of convenience, and he warns her not to expect love. 


He moves her to his home in Virginia, taking her away from the world she knows. The civil war had taken its toll and his beautiful plantation has now been restored to its luxurious beauty. 

Leanna could be very happy there, if not for a certain person from her new husband’s past. 


Trevor has found the ideal wife in Leanna but he has never recovered after his fiancée left him to elope with another man. He has no intention of allowing a woman to hurt him again. But he soon finds that he cannot resist Leanna’s unselfish devotion, and he discovers that his heart is more at risk than ever before.  


As they struggle to build trust and lay the foundation for a happy future, his past comes back to haunt them. Trevor must find the courage to show Leanna how much he loves her or he may lose her forever.  


Publisher’s Note: An action filled, steamy romance, this book contains explicit scenes and the stern disciplining of an adult female. 



Leanna bit her lip as she assumed the proper position. Trevor had never spanked her with the crop before. He delivered the first harsh strike, much harder than any previous spanking he had given her. She jerked and couldn’t suppress a surprised scream. A stripe of white hot fire blossomed across both sides of her bottom. Without thinking, she reached back with her hands.

“Hands on the table,” he said firmly. “Move them back here again, and I’ll add extra lashes.”

Author Interview


What do you love most about books?

Books can transport you to anyplace and any time you want to visit. You don’t have to have a time machine or a passport or lots of money. Your own imagination can fill in the details of the characters and places to match your own preferences. Really good books bring the characters to life in a way that you feel like you actually know them. You share in their triumphs or heartbreaks. They become like old friends, and you are happy to visit them over and over.

Who are some of your favorite authors?

There are so many to choose from. I love Annabel Joseph, especially her regency books. I love how she mixes raunchiness with romance in just the right proportions. Viola Morne also knows how to get me hot and bothered. I am completely hooked on Vanessa Vale’s stuff, especially her Bridgewater Menage series. Whew! I would love to get scooped up by two or three of those cowboys!

What is your favorite genre?

Definitely romance. My definition of romance is quite broad. I like everything from mystery to crime thrillers to comedy to hard core BDSM, as long as there is a romantic relationship with lots of steamy scenes running through it and a happy ever after ending.

Would you rather do the spanking or be spanked?

I definitely want to be spanked. Nothing is more thrilling than being under my man’s control.

If you could travel to any time, what time period would you like to explore?

I’ve always had a thing for regency England. The clothes, the customs, the rigid rules of polite society have always fascinated me. What fascinates me more is knowing that couples found ways to have fun while keeping up appearances.

Favorite color?

Purple, hands down. I used to drive a purple car. You have to really love purple to drive a purple car.

Where do you find inspiration for writing?

I get inspiration from my relationship with my fabulous husband, and then I spin stories from my fantasies of the things I would like for him to do with me. Every male character I have written is based on him in some way.  The nice thing about writing is that my novels provide inspiration for my husband to work from…life is good!