Martha by Stevie MacFarlane

The Marriage Market Book Five

Martha Jonas can’t seem to help feeling a bit sorry for herself. Ever since the accident that nearly took Euphemia and Suzanna from them, the men are more determined than ever to assert their authority. Even her gentle Ethan, the man she plans to marry, has put his foot down, telling her what she must and must not do. It’s appalling! The very idea that, as her husband, the big Swede would feel justified – no, worse than that – entitled to pull her over his lap and smack her bottom when she displeases him is simply too much to bear.

Perhaps she won’t marry at all. Yes, she is on the other side of twenty-five, but she’s also smart, talented, and turned a tidy profit with her dress shop in Philadelphia before she foolishly replied to that darn advertisement of Hugh’s. He’d wanted a bride… one. He got dozens of offers, which, of course, made the women-hungry men of Seattle happy, but didn’t do much for her. Many of the other applicants were younger, prettier, and often so flighty she wanted to box their ears.

Martha didn’t see herself as silly. An independent woman was not a good match for a dominating man. Not at all, and Ethan was becoming more so by the day. No, she would not marry. The money she had in the bank would help her get started and her friends would help. The new Ladies Aide Society would give her plenty to do outside of her shop and she would dedicate herself to serving those women less fortunate than she, and to shutting down Seattle’s saloons. While Martha was a novice to the Temperance Movement, Clara Webster, another unmarried bride, seemed to know exactly how to proceed.

That, of course, is before all hell breaks loose.

In the space of a few days, everything changes. The men find out about the secret plans for ‘that temperance nonsense.’ They are not amused. Jane’s children go missing on their way west, and their escort turns out to be less than desirable. Dr. Martin is furious. She does not come home that night.
Clara Webster falls into the hands of Lucas Armstrong, the owner of The Bucket of Blood, one of the most notorious saloons in Seattle. Mary disappears entirely, and Ethan finally decides he’s had enough of Martha’s wishy-washy attitude toward marriage.
With Amelia, Effie, Grace, and Tempest already in trouble and Suzanna off on her honeymoon, Martha works frantically to put everything to rights. Elinore is no help. She has her hands full trying to manage her Mr. Ferguson while he’s determined to keep Ellie from damaging his business.
Come along for the ride. Will the last bride bow to convention and accept the love and authority of the man who offers what might be her last chance for wedded bliss?

Martha is the fifth book in the Marriage Market series and while it can be read as a stand-alone, the reader would benefit from reading the books of this best-selling series in order.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of power exchange, domestic discipline, and adult content. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.



Suzanna by Stevie MacFarlane

The Marriage Market Book Four

Seattle hasn’t been the same ever since dozens of women responded to a letter for a mail-order bride. In the fourth book of the popular Marriage Market series, the mail-order mayhem continues. Suzanna and Charlotte, two southern belles who couldn’t be more different, both answered the same ad seeking a husband.

Raised in a world of wealth and privilege, Suzanna feels entitled and will do anything to get what she wants. Charlotte, sweet and generous, falls in love with the man Suzanna has tricked into marriage. Nothing goes as planned for either of these women, yet somehow they both get what they deserve. It’s complicated.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.



Effie by Stevie MacFarlane

The Marriage Market Book Three

Euphemia Lane had a feeling from the get go that Samuel Jordon was going to give her trouble. In his rude letter, he threatened to spank and disarm her should she show up in Seattle with her pistols. However, his warning doesn’t deter Effie from her mission. Come hell or high water, she and Grace are determined to travel to Seattle to rescue their friend, Amelia. How was she to know that Amelia’s letter was a huge mistake, or that Horace Remington would follow them and nearly kill her? And there was no way she could have anticipated what would happen once she and Grace arrive at the Jordon home.

Never would she have imagined that she would receive her very first spanking at the hands of her nemesis. It was galling to say the least, and to top it all off, he relieved her of her pistols after she destroyed a treasured family heirloom and shot Horace. Now she is in Sam’s protective custody until the Marshal determines she had acted in self-defense. The problem seems to be: who is going to protect her from Sam?

Samuel Jordon is so angry when Marshal Cole Hadley sticks him with Miss Lane that he sees stars. In his opinion, she is a sassy-mouthed witch hiding in a sweet little body. His determination to be firm yet detached, lasts all of two days. Who knew one little drop of frosting on one luscious lip would change his life forever? What kind of young woman can turn a well-balanced, confirmed bachelor into a perverted fiend who can’t keep his hands off her?

In this, the third book of her Marriage Market series, Stevie MacFarlane has taken her writing to a new, even more erotic level. If spanking and other explicit content offends you, please do not purchase this story.



Grace by Stevie MacFarlane

The Marriage Market Book Two

Grace Wentworth and Effie Lane are cautiously optimistic when their dear friend Amelia decides to travel west to become the bride of a man she’s never met. Despite their misgivings, they’re stunned when Amelia writes to inform them she’s made a dreadful mistake in marrying Mr. Jordon. Determined to rescue her dear friend from the clutches of a scoundrel, Effie makes plans to leave for Seattle immediately. Grace plans to follow when she can escape the ever watchful eye of her mother.

However, everything changes when Grace is forced to accept the proposal of a cruel and violent man. Suddenly, her mother’s wrath doesn’t even compare with what she would face as Horace Remmington’s wife. Throwing all caution aside, she flees with Effie, even knowing her mother will most likely hire a Pinkerton man to find her—which she promptly does.

She just never expected to fall for him.

For Jonah Blackthorn, apprehending a runaway socialite seems like an easy assignment. Locating two young, inexperienced women should take him no time at all, and the five thousand dollar reward offered by the frantic fiancé will go a long way, as Jonah has plans to leave the agency and begin a new chapter in his life.

What he doesn’t plan on is being outwitted by the brats—or the fact that Effie Lane isn’t relying on her wits alone to get them safely to Seattle. He also didn’t expect to come to care for the redhead traveling with her gun-toting friend. When he finally catches up with them, he’s going to give Grace the spanking of a lifetime—or kiss her senseless. Maybe both.



Amelia by Stevie MacFarlane

The Marriage Market Book One

Fresh out of Mrs. Pettigrew’s School for Young Ladies, Amelia Westcott and her two best friends are ready for adventure. Suddenly a life filled with social obligations and meaningless gossip seems unappealing. On a whim, the girls investigate the phenomena of young women heading west to marry, and Amelia is captivated by the freedom such a decision offers.

Hugh Jordon needs a wife. The severe shortage of women in the Pacific Northwest makes advertising for a bride seem reasonable. As long as he finds a wife who is the exact opposite of his tempestuous mother, he’ll be well-satisfied. Studying the applicants, he chooses one that seems to best fit his needs, and delegates his head clerk with the critical task of sending polite rejections to the others. Unfortunately, most of them never get the letter Hugh anticipated and soon the brides descend, all expecting to marry the same man!

Amelia is horrified and realizes that the adage “marry in haste, repent at leisure” has never been more true. How could he do that to her? What sort of man was he, to propose to so many women? She simply must have their wedding annulled and return to Massachusetts at once.

Hugh has other ideas. In his opinion, the perfect place for his new bride to learn about faith, loyalty and commitment is in his home and firmly over his knee!

“Amelia: The Marriage Market Book One” is a spicy historical romance with domestic discipline themes, including the old-fashioned spanking of adult women. If such themes disturb you, please do not buy “Amelia.”




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