Emmeline is startled when handsome dominant Victorian Prince Rasmussen travels through space from another dimension to lay claim to her as his mate and his world’s Empress. Her memory of her true identity was lost along with her whereabouts when she was sent to earth by her Empress mother to protect her from warring factions. Now the Prince has found her, he will return her to their Victorian Dimension where she will become Empress and prevent a war between the planets she is to preside over. But first, the Prince is intent on taming her to his will and ensuring her full submission to him as her future husband. For although the Empress rules her subjects, she must be in turn governed and protected by a strong masterful mate. And when Emmeline insists she is determined to resist the Prince’s strict authority, she soon finds herself controlled by a special leather harness he places over her naked body and over his knee for many bare bottomed spankings until she learns her lesson.

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“You should not resist capture, woman. You know the rules of the United Omega Quadrant, if captured you must obey and offer yourself for breeding. It is your duty. Males from Demeter are dominant but will treat you well. Disobedience will invite discipline. We are strong virile warriors and fierce protectors of our women. You are lucky you have not been claimed by a brute from Torcello. Think yourself one of the lucky ones,” he advised her in earnest, genuinely sincere in his words.

He removed only one glove, the one that adorned his spanking hand and raised it only to bring it straight down to strike the girl’s bare bottom. In time with her loud yelp her flesh jumped and quivered against his hand. He brought the slaps down firm and fast until she was in no doubt of his dominant male authority. His strikes to the backs of her tender thighs were to make her sob the most and beg for him to stop but it was only to spur him on.

“You will obey and accept your punishment, little one.”

“Yes, sir, yes, your highness. I will be good . . .”

Eventually the girl hung limp and quiet, accepting each slap with new dignity. It was time to bring her punishment to an end. The Prince believed his point had adequately been struck home.

The Prince replaced his glove and smoothed his leather fingertips over her crimson coloured flesh feeling heat emanate strongly from it. Curiosity overtook him. Many Omega quadrant females were aroused when spanked by a firm chastising male. They had often remarked it made them feel safe that they were cared for and protectively directed in their behaviour. Prince Amias stroked his soft leather fingers gently between the girl’s inner thighs. He smiled when he felt thick creamy juice coat his gloves. He rubbed gently just skimming the beginnings of her pussy and felt her buck down against his knees.

He smiled. She was a beautiful specimen with dark chestnut curls hanging down to the ground. The girl’s skin was soft and peach coloured, just like Emmeline’s was that first night he disciplined her and made love to the woman. She’d smelt of fresh gardenia. He inhaled the air as though he could feel and smell her close for a moment and then eased his fingers in to the girl’s sex, slowly and gently revelling in the feel of aroused wet silky female flesh. The girl moaned lifting a little to make it easy for him to stroke the small bud pouting between her lips. It was a plump juicy clit. He nipped it sharply and then squeezed as if to release its nectar. A rush of creamy moisture accompanied the girl’s cry of surprise, flooding her sex. It was so heavy his fingers were drowning in her wetness. She was heavily ripe for taking and impregnation.