Mia spent a year dating an emotionally abusive dominant, falling further and further under his control, until one day she snapped and walked away without a word. Six months later, she’s running her own flower shop out of her home and seeing a professional Domme for weekly sessions to get her needs met, because that’s safer than dating again.

One night at closing time, she’s robbed and assaulted. The attack is cut short when her favorite repeat customer, Aaron, arrives and scares the other man off. Aaron helps get her through the night, standing by her side as she deals with the police, the hospital, and an unexpected visit from her ex-boyfriend.

Over the next few days, Mia and Aaron grow close, but Mia is hiding her submissive nature from him, even when she sees hints of a dominant side in him, because she still has serious doubts about starting another relationship.

When her ex ramps up his threatening behavior, and Aaron ramps up his protective behavior to match, will Mia take the plunge and confess her true nature to Aaron? And if she does, will he accept that side of her?

Publisher’s note: This action-filled romance contains a theme of power exchange.


Once she was chained, he said, “Test it.”

She tried to move her legs together and couldn’t. Her legs were spread so far apart that she couldn’t move either one more than an inch. She sighed in contentment. “It’s good.”

“Excellent.” He picked up the wooden paddle and moved back behind her. His left hand put a tiny bit of pressure on the small of her back, and then he rubbed the paddle back and forth against her lower bottom, catching her pussy in the process, and spreading the dampness from her pussy onto her ass.

“Oh, yes,” she said, squirming at the delightful feeling.

He patted her ass a couple of times with the thin wood, in warning, and then lifted it higher before slapping it down sharply and holding it against her skin where it had landed.

“Ah,” she gasped as the sting registered on her sit spots and pussy, and her legs pulled against the restraints. She tucked her hips down to get away from the wood that was pressing against her skin, because it felt as though that kept the sting going.

“None of that, now,” Aaron said gently. “Stick that bottom back up in the air for me, please.”

Whimpering, she tilted her hips back up into the paddle.

“There’s a good girl. Five more to go.” He rubbed the paddle back and forth a few times, agitating the stinging skin, and said, “What’s your color?”

A tiny whine came out of her, but at the same time, she pushed her ass even further up. “Green.”

The wood snapped against the exact same spot as before. “Oh!” she gasped, tucking her hips and trying to pull her chained legs together as the wood pressed into her skin, holding the burn.

“Hm,” he hummed. “Should I put a pillow under those hips to keep them up?”

Still squirming, she whimpered, “Yes, Sir.”

About the Author

I’m married, and I have two wonderful kids. I also have one dog, three cats, a part time job, and a mortgage. I’ve lived in the beautiful Pacific Northwest my entire life, but most days I’d rather be on the computer writing, than out enjoying the scenery.

I suppose it could be said that I started writing because I’m a bit of a control freak. I’d search for stories that contained spanking scenes, but the characters never acted exactly the way I wanted them to act, and they never said exactly what I wanted them to say, so I started writing my own stories. The more I wrote, the more I loved the process, and eventually it became a part of me.