Maybe, With Conditions by Mariella Starr

Nicole Bennett was once a firecracker of free love with a daring, adventurous spirit. Then she lost her innocence and her heart to a man she thought she could trust. When she found out she couldn’t, she fled. Building a wall of resentment around her heart, she wouldn’t allow herself to be hurt again. With a family drawn from the people she loves and trusts, she is self-supporting and successful until she runs into her past again. A past that could sabotage her present and her future.
Dalton Calloway has made a lot of mistakes in his life but losing his college sweetheart is the one he regrets the most. When an accidental meeting drops her into his path again, all he can hope for is that an apology will lead to forgiveness. But gaining a pardon for his mistakes is hard to come by when she has been harboring a secret. A child; a son with his eyes and his features, is a sucker punch he never expected.
As opposites attract, Nicole and Dalton have built separate adult lives. How can they rebuild a new relationship when the only building blocks they have are deception, anger, and resentment? Somewhere under those building blocks is a love they need to reclaim both for themselves and for their son. Nicole’s instinctive reactions are fight and flight. Dalton’s instincts are to possess, protect, and to put his out of control woman over his knee. Whose instincts will win in the battle of the sexes?
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