When Marcie Wyld, doctor and woman of science, decides to slip through time to join her sister in Texas, 1888, she plans and prepares. She packs vaccinations, medications, and surgical supplies. She takes old-fashioned clothes and money. 

She does not plan on meeting John Wayne, Texas Ranger, cowboy god. The man of her dreams. She is not prepared to lose her heart. 

John Wayne admires Marcie’s intelligence and independent spirit. He hopes she will remain in his time. But life in the old west is dangerous, especially for a woman alone, and he must keep her safe. It’s simple: follow his rules or find herself over his knee. 

Can a modern woman accept old-fashioned love and discipline? Will the call of operating rooms, delis, and sparkling ice lead her back to the future? Can John Wayne keep her safe and win her heart? Can he convince her to stay? 

Publishers note: This romance contains elements of domestic discipline, and explicit love scenes.