The adventure continues! A match made in heaven was almost ended by terrible secrets and life-threatening danger, but Joe and Melissa have survived and are now on the run together. As Melissa divulges the truth about the reasons she went into Witness Protection, Joe starts to understand what he is up against.

Now, willing to do whatever he needs to keep Melissa safe, Joe must make hard decisions that she will not like. He has a new secret that Melissa cannot know, one that would shatter her happiness. She would run again, and all the love, combined with old-fashioned over the knee discipline in the world, will not stop her.

Meanwhile, for all her smart mouth and wild ways, Terri Coleman, Joe’s sister, also has a secret. Deep down, she’s an old-fashioned young lady who has been saving herself for the right man.

If you loved the traditional “domestic discipline” saga started in “Old-Fashioned Family” and continued in “Her Old-Fashioned Hero,” “Melissa’s Old-Fashioned Man” will not disappoint. Please note this title contains elements of power exchange.

Please watch for “Terri’s Old Fashioned Man” coming Summer 2021.

This book was previously published as Their Old-Fashioned Men.

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