Can Rhett and Miranda find happiness in their new Daddy/little relationship? Can they let down their guard and embrace their feelings?

Burned out on college life, the last thing Miranda wants to add to her ever-growing list of obligations is romance. But when her anxiety spikes at a party, she finds a surprising ally, and relief, in her roomie’s tennis partner, Rhett. Rhett lifts her spirits and spares her aching feet with piggyback rides, while Miranda cooks and teases him with friendly taunts. A taste of their Daddy/little life leaves her craving more intimacy, but she’s not sure she can commit to sex.

Miranda’s exuberant presence was Rhett’s high school fantasy, but the reality of balancing tennis, pre-law, and disciplinary duties wears down on his patience. He craves a solid cuddle session—and a sexual release, whenever Miranda is ready. With his chilly family history and guarded independence, Rhett struggles to maintain the boundaries they both need. But Miranda’s roommate is determined to keep the focus on himself, abusing his insider knowledge of their personalities to undermine their budding relationship. With desires and tensions rising, Miranda explores past friendships and spankings to discover what and who makes her happy, potentially losing love and a place to live in the process.

Publisher’s Note: This Daddy/little contemporary romance is intended for adults only and contains mild themes of age play, sensual scenes, and a journey to love and acceptance.

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Rhett rolled his eyes at my giggle and propped himself above me, repositioning between my legs as I wrapped my arms around his shoulders. Taking a deep breath, Rhett nudged his tip between my pussy lips and paused. My heartbeat pounded in my ears as I waited with him. His attention hovered on my pink, rising chest before meeting my gaze in question.

“I love you,” I reminded him, leaning up for an embrace. All we needed to do was be close like this and I’d be happy. I stroked his neck, back, and face, holding him while we kissed. I wanted it to feel right for both of us, to celebrate how close we’d gotten and how intimate it felt to be together.

As we continued to make out, he nudged further inside of me. Our confidence built until we were sucking each other’s lips. I whimpered, I hummed, and writhed under him, finding a new rhythm as his head stretched my entrance. Rhett sank into me, the change in pressure taking my breath away. I couldn’t think, let alone kiss.

“You’re so good,” Rhett promised, kissing my face.

Rolling my lips together, I tried to relax and hold onto him as my anchor amidst the new sensations. We were a tight fit, a strain that teetered between uncomfortable and orgasmic. His heat was infinitely better and more substantial than the toy. When he bottomed out, I gasped, sinking my nails into his shoulder. My whole body shuddered and clenched.

Rhett gritted a curse through his teeth, then kissed my jaw, readjusting his weight on the mattress. “How are you?”

“Adjusting.” Biting my lip, I wiggled around, fully aware of him, of us. “Actually, it feels kind of good to be full like this.” With an experimental roll of my hips, my throbbing clit rubbed against his base. It was insane how fast my body adapted to his. Moaning, I tilted my head back, meeting Rhett’s gaze. Pleasure sizzled through my veins. I loved him. His smile felt like a caress.

“Keep going,” I urged quietly, my body still too tightly wound to do much more than feel.

“Take what you need.” Rhett brushed his lips against my forehead, then my mouth before pulling back.

Before I could process what he meant, Rhett plunged into me again, knocking my thoughts into bliss. I wanted him. Deeper. Again. Always.

Tightening my thighs at Rhett’s waist, I did my best to keep up the pace. His base slammed into my engorged clit every half-second. My brain and limbs fluttered like limp noodles in a saucepan. I was torn between falling open in surrender or clinging to every inch of him. But I wanted to be better than that. I wanted to be spectacular, the love of his life and the stellar girl in bed!

Rolling my thumb along the back of his neck, I kissed his neck. “I love being close to you like this,” I purred, my voice husky with desire. He closed his eyes, a crease forming along his forehead. Grinding against his thrusts, I started chanting. “Yes, harder, yes, yes, just like that, Rhett!”

Rhett sped up, swore, and slammed into me with a final, stuttering thrust. The impact reverberated through my bones. I cradled him against me in the powerful, quiet aftermath. My body shook as I stroked the downy hair on the back of his head, basking in this moment.

A few seconds later, Rhett pulled back wearing a cloudy, sated expression.

“How was that?” I asked, holding my breath.

With a soft chuckle, he kissed my lips. “You were spectacular. And trust me when I say it’ll keep getting better.”

Rhett rolled onto his side and I nestled onto his chest. Warm, happy, and worn out, I fought to keep my eyes open. “It’s hard to imagine it getting much better than this.”