Is she too much even for the lawman to handle?

Clay Montgomery has decided he’s had enough of the law, especially when the law is as corrupt as the outlaws in the territory of Montana. He just hasn’t had a good enough reason to quit yet. Then he runs into a gun-slinging, stubborn-as-blazes little gal who wants to prove she can be a deputy. With murdering outlaws, vigilantes and a legendary, mean-tempered uncle determined to protect and stop her, what is a man to do?

Marigold is tired of having men tell her what she can’t do. She’s not a nitwit, nor is she incapable of deciding what she wants to do with her life. She’s seen what marriage has done to her aunt and her friends, and she wants no part of it. After she captures, jails, and then has her quarry turned loose by a crooked lawman, she is more determined than ever to stand her ground and prove herself. If she could just get that dogged pest of an ex-lawman – Montgomery – off her tail, she might succeed. He might think that wearing out her backside is a good way of making her change her mind, but he’s wrong. She’s strong, confident, and steadfast in her quest. But if that’s so, why does seeing him in the buff make her mind go blank, and every female part in her tremble?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical Western romance contains elements of action, adventure, and power exchange.