Danger abounds in the dark of night. Will Johnathan and Lucy find love?

In a small town of bottle blondes and sweater vests, Lucy has never quite fit in, her gothic wardrobe marking her the black sheep amongst her conservative neighbors. Stuck in a seemingly endless engagement to her high school sweetheart, spending her days pulling double shifts at work, and fighting a losing battle with the tuition for her night classes at the local community college, she finds herself desperate for something more in life.

After a scheduling mix up lands her in the wrong class, she finds herself face to face with the unusual and seductive professor Johnathan Wright. Professor Wright is mysterious and sexy and for some reason Lucy finds herself drawn to him. After a date, and then another he begins to guide her into a strange new world of bloodsucking creatures of the night, power exchange, a journey into self-discovery and sexual awakening.

Before she can decide if John is the more she’s been looking for, a nefarious villain returns from his past and reveals not everything is how it seems, leaving Lucy caught in the middle of their centuries old feud. If she is to survive the dark night she’s been plunged into and the ancient threat at her doorstep, she must learn to access the true strength that lies within submission, within her.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary paranormal romance is intended for adults only. It contains supernatural elements, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, danger, power exchange, adult themes and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Her eyes wandered over him, following his loosened tie, down the buttons of his vest to his shiny belt buckle where his pants had been hurriedly unzipped and pried open to let his cock rise up proudly into the air from its confines. Still naked from the night before, Lucy gingerly climbed on top of him and sank herself slowly down onto each fantastic inch of him until her slick lips grazed the fabric of his slacks. She steadied herself on his chest and moved slowly, savoring the quiet moment of his peaceful face and the electricity he sent coursing through her even while unconscious. Her rhythm quickened a little and she slid a finger down to massage her swollen clit.

A loud moan escaped her and she stopped, positive it was going to wake him, but he continued to lay still beneath her. She was shocked by this point and almost began again, but she saw the shallow rise and fall of his chest and could hear quick breaths escaping him. She recalled his passing comment once about how it was a reflexive response and chuckled low. “You’re totally awake, aren’t you?”

His eyes opened with a playful gleam and a tug at the corner of his mouth.

She shook her head with a smile. “The whole time?”

He nodded.

She shook her head again. “Why didn’t you say something?”

“It was cute watching you try to sneak.”

“Here I thought I was so clever, the cat burglar of cock.”

He chuckled and arched up inside of her, pushing out a breathy moan from her as he pressed against her sensitive cervix. “I’d say you were successful. Consider my cock burgled. Please, continue. Don’t let me stop you from taking advantage of me.”

She braced herself more steadily against his chest and gyrated her hips against him with a triumphant grin. “Does that make you my toy?”

“For now.”

She leaned back and popped open the clasp of his belt and tugged his slacks wide open so she could sink down against the soft gathering of curls above his cock. “And since I have you trapped like this, you’ll do whatever I say?”

His brow lowered. “Within reason,” he warned.

Her fingers quickly worked their way up his torso undoing all the buttons of his vest and crisp dress shirt beneath so she could bring them skin-to-skin. “Wrists up, Daddy,” she teased playfully, and to her surprise, he obeyed, lifting his shackled wrists above his head and opening himself up to her will.

She cursed softly in excitement and all but drooled over the sight of his hard body exposed and welcoming her. Reverently, as if touching something priceless or holy, she grazed her fingers down the muscles of his chest and abdomen, then reached behind her to his open thighs and arched her body backwards with her weight falling against his legs to buck herself eagerly against him.

He moaned without reserve, watching her breasts shudder with each bounce and the way her hips rolled down with each landing. They lingered long on the sight of where their bodies met, watching her take him roughly inside herself with each plunge as she panted and grew louder with her pleased moans.

Lucy dug her nails into the sensitive skin of his thighs and threw her head back in ecstasy, but at the last moment barely found the will to stave off the hurried orgasm. When would she have him in such a helpless position, open to her like this again? She stopped and steadied her breathing. He watched her curiously as she leaned forward and propped herself against his forearms above his head and began again much slower. Her long hair fell forward over her shoulders and curtained them intimately inside their dark waves. She bit her lip as she felt the tension in her body redoubling, aching to break out. More exciting than his body vulnerable and open beneath her or the delicious moans he let out when she grinded him all the way into her was the all-consuming fire in his eyes as he watched her.

Wherever life takes me, let it be forever under those eyes.

She huffed suddenly in disappointment.

“What’s wrong, dear?”

She paused her grinding. “This would be the part where you take it all back and overpower me. I wish we could take those stupid cuffs off.”

“Me too,” he sighed.

“I want your big hands on me,” she said softer. “Where would you touch me?”

He arched his hips up to hers as he answered, “I’d pull your hair and kiss down your neck.”

She closed her eyes and joined his thrusts with her own. “And then?”

“And then your breasts. I would massage them and suck your nipples until they’re stiff and rosy and sore.”

She bore down against him with growing moans. “Yes, and…?”

“And slide down your tummy until I could grab those round hips.” He paused, listening to her and guiding her forward with great care. “Do you want me to take it all back, princess, all the control you’ve been playing with?”

“Yes!” she groaned. “Take it. I don’t want it anymore. I want to feel your power over me.”

He hummed with delight. “Then I would grab you by the throat and force you down onto this bed on your back. I’d thrust into you with the full weight of my body and crush you into these silk sheets.”

She felt the need in her rising as she could so easily feel him on top of her.

“I would tell you not to come,” his voice lowered with a smoky gravitas.

She whined in agony and opened her eyes to find him grinning like the devil.

“But I need to,” she whimpered.

In a flash, his bound arms were behind her head, clenched in her hair, and he was rolling her over onto her back with a masterful grace only a supernatural creature could possess. His hands unfisted and he held himself propped up on his forearms in their unique embrace as he shoved his way back between her slick lips. “No coming,” he growled against her ear. “Hold it, princess. Do you understand?”

She was shocked to find him still in full command of the room and her desire only grew. Even as she spoke the words, her body fought in bitter protest, inching slowly forward despite the, “Yes, sir,” that left her lips.

He pushed himself up on his knees and opened her thighs wider as he began a faster pace.

“I can’t,” she groaned helplessly. “I can’t help it, Daddy.”

An inhuman growl of pleasure rumbled in his chest beneath the impassioned moan that left him at her tender plea. He pressed his lips to hers then trailed them down her cheek to her ear. “Hold it back, princess. Aren’t you my good girl?”

Her nails dug into his shoulders and she squirmed and tried to recoil and press her thighs together, but his body remained, a powerful fortress, immovable and merciless. The way he moved inside her, filling her to overflowing, the way he panted in her ear, the feel of his friction moving over her clit with each thrust kept pushing her forward more and more. Through gritted teeth, she groaned helplessly, “Yes, sir.”

“Good girls wait for permission. Good girls do what Daddy says no matter how hard it is. Are you sure you’re my good girl?”

Her body flew into a sudden paroxysm of resistance, fighting the pleasure curling her toes even as she squirmed. John’s body held her firmly fixed, pressing her down into the softness of the mattress harder to keep her from wriggling away from the torture he inflicted with his cock’s every plunge. “I’m your good girl,” she whined breathlessly.

He moaned. “Say it again.”

“I’m your good girl,” she moaned louder.


“I’m your good girl!”

His hands pulled her hair down into the bed and he fell down on her with almost his full weight, their bodies pressed together as he drilled her.

Her impassioned moans were replaced with the new mantra he had given her. As if reciting a holy chant, she repeated over and over, “I’m your good girl.”

He let her whine this chant in a breathless desperation for what felt like forever before finally his lips dragged down to her ear and growled, “You’re a very good girl, Lucy. Now come for me.”

John may have been the one still bound, but it was she who felt shackles fall away at the sound of his permission. Her awkward recoiling ceased and she let the pleasure of his body moving against hers take over. His words were like gasoline on a fire. She gyrated and cried out freely until the pleasure mounting inside her exploded in a violent shudder and scream, all her limbs closing tight around him as the waves racked her and her head grew so light she thought she was about to float out of her body. His loud moan in her hair and his own tightened hold kept her tethered and she felt his eruption deep inside of her.

Once she caught her breath, he gingerly rolled off of her, pulling her with him into a side embrace as the storm he had cultivated in her calmed.