Cheryl Reynolds may have just made the biggest mistake of her life. How could she have known that mere days after agreeing to take their age-play relationship to another level, one that would require her to give up her job and submit to her dominant husband on a full-time basis, she would be offered the opportunity of a lifetime?
How many dreams-come-true moments could one woman get? Her lackluster marriage to Judge Michael Reynolds was nearly on the rocks when he insisted on some changes. That was three years ago, and since then, she’d been gloriously happy. She adored being his little girl; loved, pampered and subjected to more delightful sexual experiences than she’d ever imagined. It was with a full heart and high hopes that she agreed to make it permanent. His brand of loving dominance was indeed a dream come true as far as she was concerned.
But that was before another one of her dreams was dangled in front of her nose like a carrot. After closing the biggest deal in the history of Waters Advertising, Cheryl is offered the VP position. It was something she’d only wistfully fantasized about during her years at the company. Now it’s a real opportunity, complete with the luxurious corner office, company car, expense account and a huge raise. It’s what she worked for, prayed for – and to finally have her work recognized would be a huge slap in the face to those schmucks who for years have treated her like a blonde bimbo. Oh, it is almost too much to resist!
Michael will never agree. It would mean longer hours, traveling, and a frazzled, irritable wife coming through the door each night. Their marriage would return to the boring place they were in three years ago – and that is only if he doesn’t divorce her. Can she do it? Can she turn down an offer that is oh so tempting? Could she risk her marriage to the man who’s already rescued her once from her own controlling, driven nature and shown her how to be his precious wife, his loving babygirl? Will she give up sweet submission for power?

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Every marriage has its ups and downs and for twenty years, Judge Michael Reynolds has been reminding himself of that fact. His wife, Chéri, is the epitome of the perfect suburban wife. Chéri works for an advertising agency, raises their twin sons, and micromanages them all to within an inch of their lives. It’s working, he reassures himself. It’s not working well, but it’s working. He keeps his nose to the grindstone and stays out of her way as best he can, avoiding confrontations and acting as a buffer between her and the boys. Even now he isn’t sure if he is having a mid-life crisis or it has something to do with the boys going off to college – but one day he’s had enough, more than enough! It’s time for some new rules, and for the first time in a very long marriage, he feels capable of enforcing them. Michael tries not to present them as an ultimatum, but Chéri knows what they are just the same. Her husband is tired of her domineering, controlling ways. While he readily accepts his part of the blame for what their marriage has become, he is not willing to continue with the status quo.

What he wants shocks her to the core. At the same time, there is a certain aspect of his idea that appeals to her in a way she never would have suspected. You see, Michael wants to take over. He wants to be the one in charge of their household and especially of her, as he’s convinced it will improve their love life as well as their marriage. He wants to try age-play. They will start slowly, he assures her. On the weekends he will become her daddy. She will leave her troubles and adult responsibilities at the door when she walks in the house on Friday evening. From then on, it is his turn to take care of her. He will provide for all her needs, love and care for her, and discipline her when the need arises. In return for her obedience, she will be pampered and sexually satisfied in ways only he is aware of.

For sure it is a leap of faith, but Chéri takes it, and finds far more than she bargained for as this forty-something couple learns you can teach an old dog new rules.