Kim is a big, beautiful woman. If only she knew how special she was. When her best friend hooks her up with her gorgeous brother, Kim just knows it will go nowhere. She is definitely not his type. He can have any woman he wants, so why would he want to be with her?

Braun is tired of his three sisters constantly trying to fix him up with their friends, but he’s agreed to it again. Now, he is glad he did because Kim is his dream woman. The problem will be convincing her of that.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary love story contains a theme of power exchange as well as sexual scenes.

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He couldn’t see her roll her eyes at that, and he barely heard what had to be a guffaw at that possibility, but the result was the same—she ended up on her back again, getting spanked, only this time, it was with the hairbrush that he’d also taken out of the top drawer of his nightstand.

It wasn’t the one he actually used on his hair. No, this one was designed specifically with the chastisement of a recalcitrant woman in mind. And it proved to be mightily effective.

Every time it splatted down on her backside, he could hear her distress in the smothered sound it pulled from her. Braun didn’t give her many of them—no more than ten or twelve or so—but more than enough to make his point.

She was wailing behind the gag, and he could see that her temples were tear dampened and heard her groan of pain when he put her on her back again, forcing her angry red bottom into contact with the bedclothes before he stretched himself out over her again. He forcibly spread her legs so she had no choice but to admit the presence of his thighs between them, splaying her obscenely around them. This time, though, he lifted himself onto his toes and his hands, keeping himself above her, lowering himself to claim a nipple with his mouth, suckling hard and biting a bit, just to see her throw her head back and whimper when he did it.

Hell, her reactions to what he did to her were nearly as potent to him as when she touched him herself.

He’d long since jettisoned his briefs and shorts in favor of rubbing the entire naked length of himself against her, cock catching in various places—against her breasts, her belly button, and a cleft that was so wet, it was dripping onto the bedclothes beneath her. But he didn’t stop there. Braun kissed her everywhere, even to the point of turning her back over and giving that side of her the same treatment. He even kissed a rear that was very hot to his lips.

“Poor baby got taught a lesson, hmm? Hopefully, it won’t take you that long to learn it, but I will never let you get away with thinking of yourself as anything less than what I see you as, Kimberly Alicia—a gorgeous, vibrant, smart, sexy woman I intend to use at every given opportunity while I can over these six weeks—and maybe beyond that, even.”