Some fantasies should never end…

Kate has a burning need for a man to turn her inside out, possessing, dominating, and wanting her as a hero would in a steamy romance. Since the perfect man isn’t readily available in reality, she contacts Cravings, a private club that sets up her fantasy on a secluded Caribbean island. There, lusty males will rule and satisfy.

Color her ready for a good, hard time – until Noah, Wyatt, and Sean show up. These bad boys are tall, muscular, and pure alpha. They’re also on her company board, and have been eager to command her between the sheets for some time.

Not so fast. Kate may ache for them, but she doesn’t trust their motives, so she’ll never submit for real… or for long. 

Or will she? Once they take over her fantasy, there’s no going back… for her or for them.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy reverse harem, contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.


Noah slapped the strap against his palm. “That’s what I was talking about.”

She looked down her nose at him, which wasn’t easy considering he was a head taller. “Meaning?”

“Your continuing defiance.” He exchanged a look with Wyatt and Sean, something unspoken passing between them.

Wyatt slipped two fingers into her cunt.

She gasped.

Sean turned her face to his and thrust his tongue between her lips, driving sure and deep.

Her moan sounded louder than it should have and far too pleased. Without meaning to, she leaned into him.

Footfalls sounded. Whose she couldn’t guess.

Wyatt spread his fingers within her and rubbed his thumb against her clit.

Outrageous pleasure dashed from her pussy to her inner thighs then rose to her breasts. Her taut nipples stung in a delightful way.

She panted as well as she could around Sean’s tongue.

An odd whistling sounded.


She froze at the strap hitting her ass, the sting fucking awful.

Damn! Damn! Damn! The misery bit deep and hard. Stop hurting, please.

It did, warmth replacing it.

She drooped but didn’t fall. Wyatt’s fingers inside her cunt kept her upright, as did Sean’s arm around her waist.

She struggled for air but couldn’t manage enough. Her ears buzzed and her inner sub wanted further discipline. She pushed her ass toward Noah, taunting him for a second lick.

He stroked her butt gently.