Lessons in Love by Kathryn R. Blake

She had a prison record, he was a multi-billionaire. They had nothing in common. So, why did he hire her?




LessonsInLove_500x755Pam Weston didn’t have many choices as far as employment went. Her prison sentence saw to that. With limited secretarial skills, and an even more limited budget, she never considered herself executive material. So, when she was ordered to report to the CEO of her company as his new personal assistant, she fully expected to be checking out the “Help Wanted” section of the paper before the day was over.


Robert Peterson knew his management style was not HR approved, but he believed in using the stick as well as the carrot. Employing the tenets of domestic discipline, he helped mold his personal assistants into confident women who recognized their own self-worth. Even so, his unorthodox methods were only one of the reasons many considered the position of his assistant to be a revolving door. To Rob’s mind, Pamela Weston was perfect for his purposes, though given her past, he expected convincing her to agree to his program would be a challenge.



Not wanting to delay her release from the hospital after a three day stay, Pam opts not to take a shower. Feeling unclean, she tells Rob she wants to shower or bathe before she gets into bed. However, since she purposefully cut her palms just minutes before, Rob wraps her hands in plastic to protect them, then helps her undress for the bath he intends to give her.


Pam rose a little unsteadily to her feet and stood before Rob. With a smile that was a blend of temptation and pure male satisfaction, he kept his eyes focused on her and rolled up his sleeves. Forearms bare, he fingered the hem of her shirt and raised it over her head with deliberate slowness, as if unwrapping a present. Once her top was removed, he bent and kissed her again.

Ignoring the rude rustling, she lifted her plastic-covered hands to twine them behind his neck, but he caught her wrists and lowered her arms to her side. “No. I’m doing this. Your task is to accept everything I provide while I discover what pleases you. You are not to move or speak unless I give you permission. Understand?”

Nodding her agreement, Pam stood obediently silent as Rob filled the tub. Steamy water billowed out of the faucet and within seconds the room was enveloped in a warm, mystical mist.

He returned to kneel at her feet and tugged at her bottoms. His fingertips traced along the length of her inner thigh as he drew the material toward the floor.

“Put your hand on my shoulder and step out.”

When her shorts were off, she stood in her bra and underpants and struggled not to wrap her arms about her like a shield.

“Since I’m already down here, I think I’ll remove your panties next.” When his long fingers stroked her waist, Pam drew in a sharp breath. But he continued as if she hadn’t moved.

A light stroke followed by a gentle tug and her underwear became a puddle of cotton on the bathroom tiles. His hands, however, remained poised on her upper thighs. Nothing was said, but Pam knew what he intended to do next, so she shut her eyes.

“No. Look at me. I want you aware for every second who is bringing you pleasure tonight. Later, we will need to address your issues, but, for now, I want you to keep your eyes on me when I touch you. Part your legs for me.” When Pam obeyed, he reached between her legs, and she jerked, but kept her eyes open for as long as could. A part of her brain scolded her for not being more embarrassed, but she enjoyed the sensations his stroking wrought far too much to let guilt taint them. When she released a soft sigh, he lowered his hands.

“So warm and sweet. I could spend the night exploring all your hidden treasures, but we have a bath to take.” Rising to his feet, he strode over to the bathtub and turned off the water. When he returned, he stood before her and reached behind to unfasten her bra.


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Lessons in Love is Kathryn R. Blake’s sixth novel with Blushing Books, and fifth spanking romance where Domestic Discipline is primary to the plot.  Although Kathryn is relatively new to the spanking romance market, she is not new to stories where the hero spanks the heroine.  In fact, most of her novels have some sort of spanking in them.  However, even in Kathryn’s novels where the hero firmly believes in using spanking as a deterrent, he has no desire to cause the heroine injury and takes no delight in hurting the woman of his heart.  In fact, sometimes he finds it extremely difficult to follow through on his threats or promises.

To date, all of her heroes are dominant, alpha males who are extremely protective of the women they love.  However, part of that protectiveness includes the need for a certain amount of control.  They do not suffer defiance or disobedience lightly. Even so, these men aren’t infallible, and they do make mistakes, but love and respect will always triumph in the end.

Kathryn has been a member of RWA since the early 1980s and has joined several local and special interest chapters. Besides writing, Kathryn enjoys traveling, reading, attending the theatre, and is a passionate lover of animals, so much so that in 2015 a stray cat adopted her. The stray now sleeps in Kathryn’s bed.  She has also recently taken up the expensive hobby of making and selling jewelry.

Her personal website, www.kathrynrblake.com, is filled with photos and links to information about her many interests as well as peppered with quizzes, contests, games and lots of other fun things to do and she loves to hear from her readers, so she has an e-mail link at the bottom of every page.


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Do you have anything specific you’d like to say to your readers?

Yes, I’d like to publicly acknowledge the help and support I received from a few individuals. Books require a team effort, so I’d like to thank Kate Richards for her editorial guidance, Celeste Jones for her insightful input, and Staci Taylor for overseeing the project.


What was your favorite chapter or part to write?

Good question. I’d have to say one of my favorite parts is near the end of the book when the heroine discovers just how much the hero knew about her past and how much influence he had on her getting hired by his company. She’s fallen in love with him, but the discovery leaves her feeling a bit like an insect under a microscope, so she plots her escape with a co-worker’s assistance.


Are you a morning or night person?

Definitely a night person, though I sometimes go to bed early in the morning after working all night, so I’m either a very late night person or a very early morning person.