• Maybe we could go in and rip each other’s clothes off and have wild, animal sex.


Cassie and Tom Duff live at The Landing, a beautiful neighborhood by the river in their little town in North Carolina. They’re surrounded by their beloved family and friends. Most of the couples here live a domestic discipline lifestyle where the husbands are the head of household. It can’t be said that these ladies always follow their husbands’ lead and the men often have their hands full trying to keep up with their fun-loving and headstrong wives.

This first book in a new series by PK Corey follows the funny, quirky and romantic escapades of Cassie and her friends Sue and Annie as well as the younger generation who are all involved in solving a problem from Cassie’s past.

Come and join the ride! You’ll definitely feel like you’re a part of this group. 

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“Do you remember how your ass felt after our long ride on our honeymoon?” Cal whispered. 

“I was sore,” Jenny answered quietly. 

“Let’s recreate the feeling,” he demanded. “Up on your hands and knees.” 

Jenny quickly scrambled into position. 

“As I remember, you were all ready to make love before our ride, weren’t you?” Cal asked. Jenny nodded, unable to get any words out as Cal reached to finger her nipples. Jenny had a hard time remaining in position as each pull on her nipple sent a throbbing straight to her clit. His other hand soon began caressing her there and she tried to send a mental message for him to rub harder. 

“Don’t even think of coming yet. Remember, I’m in charge. You’d better hold back.” 

Jenny gave a gasp. His words and the sound of his voice was nearly enough to send her over the edge. Then his hands were gone, and she felt a sharp slap to her rump. Another followed. Then another. 

“I want to recreate the whole night. And your sore butt was a big part of it,” he said over the sound of the spanking. “Now hold position and I won’t have to bring out the paddle.” 

He was spanking hard and still, Jenny pushed back after each spank wanting more and more. As the slaps came faster and faster, Jenny was burning both with desire and the fire-like feeling of the spanking. The burns were entwining themselves and Jenny was soon going to be unable to hold back. 

As Cal’s hand finally slowed, he asked, “Do you remember what we saw? Do you remember what we did?” 

Jenny’s head hung down with her effort to keep control. “The horses…” was all she was able to say. 

Cal took over. “That huge stallion mounted his mare. The power he showed and the screams we heard from them both were more than we could take. It was all we could do to get back to our private strip of beach before we could reenact what we’d seen.” 

Jenny was back on the beach. She could almost feel the sand in her hands, as Cal rose up behind her and took her with the power they had seen the stallion display. Her reality sank down to the two of them in the moment. Cal, deep within her, plunging over and over. The sear of pain every time his body slapped against her burning ass heightened the exquisite sensation of him inside her. 

They came at the same moment, something Jenny loved. Both sank down on the bed, basking in their pleasure. They both were lying on their stomachs, as Cal’s hand reached back to gently rub the area he’d recently turned bright red. 

About PK Corey

I’ve been intrigued by spanking stories since before I first saw Ricky spank Lucy. Stories of this nature were hard to come by before the Internet and the ones I found were a little harsh on discipline and very much lacking in love. So, I made up my own stories and enjoyed these in my head for years. I finally began writing them down. Although the lovely women in my stories are spanked often, the love between them and their men is the most vital part of their lives together. 

I don’t think of myself as a writer so much as a storyteller. I don’t churn out books nearly as fast as perhaps my readers would like. My stories are told to me by my characters and I pass them along. I write what I’ve always wanted to read about – dominant men, strong women, intense love and loyal friendships. My Cassie’s Space series is about a mature couple who are deeply in love. Despite adoring Cassie’s free-spirited ways, Tom is determined to keep her safe, even if it takes a trip over his knee to do it. And with her friend and accomplice Sue by her side, a trip over his knee is very likely. The Cal’s Law series is about a younger couple. Though from very different backgrounds, Cal and Jenny are drawn together by love and discipline. And my newest book, On the River, combines all my characters as they go about their lives on The Landing.

I was a school teacher most of my adult life. Now retired, I love having the time to write. I share a fulfilled life with my wonderful husband and my cat, Sophie. My adult children come around enough to keep us satisfied. Besides writing I spend my time reading and designing and hand-drawing unique bookmarks. And I delight in hearing from my readers. You can contact me at pk.corey@yahoo.com

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