Royal Scold by Marie Hall

United by a royal contract, Io Desmond has found pleasure and pain under Xavier’s firm and steady hand. But trust is not something Io affords to anyone, and without it she cannot receive the full measure of what Xavier will give her.

Bound by love and lust, Xavier Brice would give Io the affection and discipline she requires to feel cared for and safe. But he’s never faced anything like the inner demons holding Io away from the offer of home and stability.


If Io’s doubts and fears prove stronger than Xavier’s promise of protection and devotion, the challenge could tear them apart. If Xavier’s promise of commitment and dependability can rise above, then together, through the pleasure and the pain, they will find love.


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An unrequited love. An unexpected reunion.

A romantic, spanking, Dominant cowboy with a dog named Jinx, finds himself drawn to a gutsy, determined young woman; a blazing barrel racer who wears hot pink chaps and rides a gleaming black horse called Licorice.

Dot Anderson has been in crush with Matthew Montgomery since she was a skinny, awkward teenager saddled with braces, thick glasses, and short, mousey brown hair. Hanging around the cafe where he’d stop for coffee, she would pet his dog, Jinx, just to be near him, but time has passed, and the ugly duckling has blossomed into a swan. Dot has become Dusty, an enticing female with long flaxen hair and deep green eyes.

After winning the divisional barrel racing finals, she bumps into the handsome cowboy. Her feelings are as strong as ever, but he doesn’t remember her, and moments later, when he invites her out for coffee, shocked and hurt she explodes in fury.

“If I go out with someone it will be because they’re genuinely interested in me, and they want to spend time with me because of who I am, not how I look.”

They were suddenly locked, eye to eye, two wild beasts in a standoff.

“You know what you need?” he said quietly, leaning forward, a deep furrow carving his forehead. “You need an old-fashioned, over the knee spankin’.”

“Maybe I do,” she hissed, “but it sure as hell won’t come from the likes of you.”

Dumbfounded, he watched her pick up her trophy and storm off.

As their crackling love affair evolves, so does a mystery involving Dusty’s champion steed. As Matt attempts to uncover the secret, he must deal with his growing attraction to the willful young woman, and protect her from the danger that lurks in the shadows. Spanking, bondage, graphic sex, and a sizzling chemistry scorch the pages of this deeply romantic tale.


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Saving Arabella by Chloe Oliver

In late October 1870 Arabella Duncan is suddenly a widow, and her estranged husband has left her in dire financial straits. If she cannot sort out her inheritance and do it quickly, she may be reduced to walking the streets of San Francisco. Her late husband’s speculations in Comstock mining shares are failures, so she has no choice but to approach James Sterling, his personal secretary, and hope that he will be willing to help her recover her inheritance. James is strongly attracted to the voluptuous Arabella and agrees to help but only if she is willing to submit to the iron discipline needed. Arabella is drawn to James as he sustains her in her positive approach to resolving her finances and her attitudes about social expectations.

Arabella is a strong, independent woman and refuses to conform to the norms of San Francisco society. James supports her but Arabella’s tongue gets her in trouble and she has no course except to agree to James’ method of discipline – a good spanking. Arabella learns the working of the San Francisco Mining Exchange while James discovers the intricacies of mining and milling on the Comstock Lode in Nevada. Their attraction flowers and as 1871 opens, they find themselves in the middle of the battle to control the Crown Point mine. Can they use their wits and burgeoning love to save Arabella from ruin? Can Arabella accept the discipline needed to resolve her difficult financial situation?


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We know you’ve been watching! We know you’ve been waiting, and here it is: The Corbin’s Bend Season Three Pre-Release special! This Season has some new authors, as well as many old favorites. Come on back to Corbin’s Bend and see what’s shakin’. Season Three list :

  • His Damsel in Distress by Thianna D. (4/23)
  • Safe Under Protection by Holla Dean (5/7)
  • Ever Lasting Hope by Maggie Ryan (5/21)
  • Psychology of Submission by Livia Grant (6/4)
  • Ginger Up by Rayanna Jamison (6/18)
  • Melissa’s Saving Grace by Corinne Alexander (7/9)
  • Chasing a Dream by Ruth Staunton (7/23)
  • A Good Family Man by Thianna Durston (8/6)
  • A super secret Corbin’s Bend novella which will be only available to people who buy the pre-buy of Season Three

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  1. The package price of $29.99 gives you eight books from Season 3 of Corbin’s Bend. Although the announced list (above) is our intended list of releases, Blushing Books reserves the right to substitute another title should one of the announced titles become unavailable. However, regardless of substitution, the Season will contain EIGHT books.
  2. The package will be available from March 17th through midnight April 17th. (Aftermidnight ET on the 17th, the pre-buy offer goes away).
  3. It is available on Blushing Books only.
  4. A coupon code will be sent to you on the day of release of each book so you can download your copy.
  5. Anyone who has purchased the entire Season Three package will receive a special invitation to a Facebook party, to be held on Friday, April 17th. Times TBA, but it will be in the evening Eastern Time.
  6. At the party, prizes will be given which will include an iPad Mini. . You do not need to be present to be eligible for the iPad mini. However, all the other prizes (gift certificates, etc.) at the party will be awarded to people who actually check in at the party.