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Five Fun Flower Cover Facts

with Zoe Blake

Why flowers?
1. Well. who doesn’t love flowers? 🙂
2. Chef Hubby always makes sure I have fresh flowers when I write so I associate them with my books.
3. It is also why my swag giveaway is a flower vase.
4. The watercolor pink flowers match the colors in my new watercolor lips logo.
5. Quite frankly, I think they make a very pretty cover!

Papa’s Little Pain Princess


Escaping a dull life through her fanciful imagination, Winnie has pictured herself as a fairy, a mermaid, even a princess. One fateful night at the theatre, she attracts the attention of a man very far from the prince charming of her dreams.

Archer is a rich, powerful lord who is accustomed to taking what he wants regardless of the consequences. After catching Winnie eavesdropping on him taking his pleasure from his latest mistress, he is determined to track down the little minx and make her his own…on his terms.

Archer will force Winnie to accept a world of harsh discipline, demanding passion and humiliating degradations. Will the pleasure he gives be enough for her to stay?

If you liked Submission of Little Emmie, you will love Papa’s Little Pain Princess!


The Duke’s Possession


Charlotte thought marrying a Duke meant expensive gowns, champagne and elegant balls. Her new husband had other ideas. Marriage to Lord Asherton, the Duke of Cumberland, will mean childish dresses, bottles of warm milk and an early bedtime in a nursery.

When Lady Charlotte’s parents approached Lord Asherton about an arranged marriage with their spoiled, headstrong daughter, he readily agreed. The willful beauty is his perfect match. He looked forward to taming her temper tantrums and turning her spirited rebellion into a spirited response to his touch. Any defiance will be met with strict discipline at his hand.

Lady Charlotte’s world is about to change. Will she accept the pleasure he offers only through submission, or will she continue to fight her body’s unwanted reaction to him, denying them both?


Disciplining the Maid


For wealthy and worldly Lord Stockton, there has been no shortage of mistresses available to grace his bed and offer him the one thing he demands – complete submission.

But this handsome member of the Victorian ton wants something deeper. He wants what only a complete innocent can offer, and the experienced mistresses fall short of giving him what he most desires – complete mastery over every facet of their lives in and out of the bedchamber.

Lily has never had a real home. Raised in an orphanage, she enters service at an early age and has managed to avoid lecherous employees and footmen to come into Lord Stockton’s service as an unspoiled beauty ripe for the taking.

Lord Stockton knows Lily is the one to give him what he wants. And his offer to give her the paternal love and guidance she missed growing up in exchange for her submission is an appealing offer. But is a young maid strong enough to enter into the relationship a man like Lord Stockton demands?

To truly become his, Lily must submit every part of her body for his use, dress in immature clothing, and turn her back on adulthood forever. Even more trying, she must accept pleasure and punishment in doses she never thought possible to endure. Yet as Lord Stockton trains his young maid, he finds himself enduring his own vulnerability as he loses his heart to the woman he’s vowed to control.

Zoe Blake’s detailed descriptions make “Disciplining the Maid” more than just an provocative read. Readers will feel as if they are in Lily’s place as the tension and raw emotion of her transformation comes to the most fulfilling climax you’ll find in any age play novel this year.


The Submission of Little Emmie



“I want you to listen very carefully. According to the law, I own you. I am responsible for every facet of your life. I clothe, feed and shelter you. You do nothing without my knowledge or permission. Some men treat a marriage as a partnership; I am not one of those men. This is not a partnership. For generations the men in my family have chosen to honor this responsibility by controlling every aspect of their life. This is now your new life. You will be treated special, but I will control when and how you will be bathed, what you will wear, when you sleep, what you eat. I will control everything. Do you understand me?”

Such is Emmie’s introduction to marriage with the mysterious man who shows up to claim her from an unhappy home not long after her eighteenth birthday. Lord Richard Burkewood was not looking for a traditional wife, but a young lady he can pamper, punish and train.

“The Submission of Little Emmie” is a must-read debut for anyone who loves this genre.



Penelope’s Punishment


“I’ll be the match and the fire, Kitten. You run. I chase. You’re mine now. I won’t let you go.” With those words of warning, Penelope became the married possession of the most dangerous man she had ever met.

Just a few weeks earlier, Penelope had been Pip, a talented pickpocket surviving on the London streets, until the night she chose the wrong man to rob. Looking past the foul mouth and boyish garb, Lord Alex Evers saw a diamond in the rough, a defiant female in need of his special brand of discipline.

Penelope fights him every step of the way, unwilling to give up her independence or to submit to his demands, despite her attraction to the handsome lord. Will a trip over his knee change her mind?

In this third book from the author of “The Submission of Little Emmie” and “Disciplining the Maid” comes a hot new romp in the world of Victorian age play. And this time the cast includes not just strict nannies, but a handsome, randy butler and household maids in need of correction for a delightful side plot sure to heat things up even further.


Chosen To Be His Little Angeline


Claimed by a powerful lord who chose to make her his little one. She was never given a choice. Naïve and innocent, Angeline agrees to attend an infamously risqué house party full of the ton’s elite. All the common seamstress knows is it is finally a chance for a grand, passionate adventure.

Lord Blackhurst felt a fierce need to possess and protect the child-like woman from the moment he laid eyes on her. After learning she is brought to the party for the amusement of the other guests, he seizes her as his own. When Angeline insists on placing herself at risk by foolishly engaging in some of the naughty pursuits of the party, Blackhurst takes her, to his country estate.

Can she learn to love this powerful lord and his need to master her through submission?



“Chosen to be His Little Angeline”


“Lift your skirts.”

Sobbing, she reached back and grabbed small handfuls of the material, slowly inching it up her thighs. She stopped when the material bunched around her bottom. “Lift them all the way up, Angeline,” Blackhurst snapped. Dutifully she submitted, pulling the material over her bottom to bunch around her waist. Stepping behind her, Blackhurst looked at her pale pink skin through the thin fabric of her pantalets. He ran a single finger down the seam of her bottom, pushing the fabric away from her cheeks, framing them. Angeline startled and tried to rise. He placed a restraining hand on her lower back, preventing her.

“Be still.”

He observed how the thin cambric both displayed and hid her charms. Feeling her sharp indrawn breath as he slid his hand from her lower back to curve around to her front, he gently pulled on the ribbon holding her pantalets in place. Hooking two fingers on either side, he slowly slid the fabric down her hips. Crouching down on his haunches behind her, Blackhurst eased the undergarment down over first one slippered foot, then the other.

Angeline whimpered when she felt his warm breath on the under curve of her bottom. She started to squirm and shift, confused by the dueling emotions of embarrassment, fear and arousal. He smiled, knowing full well his effect on the poor naive girl and then once again rose to his full height. He took a moment to enjoy the sight of this sweet little angel anxiously waiting for her first spanking with her soft bottom on full view. Despite her slight frame, she had an ample bottom with the cutest little dimples on the top of each cheek. He tested the weight of one cheek with his hand. Angeline yelped with surprise.

“Let us begin.”

Angeline squeezed her eyes tight and held her breath, bracing herself for the first hit, but it did not come. Perhaps he had reconsidered.

“Angeline, unclench your bottom cheeks this instant,” he demanded sharply.

She was so frightened by the command she immediately unclenched and so was unprepared for the first painful smack. Oh god, it stung!

“No. No. No. I changed my mind. Stop. I won’t let you do this!” she cried, trying to rise.

“You are not letting me do anything, angel.”

The spanking continued…slowly. Blackhurst wanted her to feel every stinging ripple from each and every slap. He raised his hand high and brought it down hard on her plump right backside cheek, watching as her bottom contracted then bounced, the pale cheek blanching even paler for just a moment before flushing in a riot of pinks and reds. Still he waited. Finally, his patience was rewarded when the faint outline of a handprint appeared on her perfect cheek. He had marked her as his own.



USA Today and International Best Selling Author in Dark Romance

We are all attracted to the forbidden. Addicted to the rush we get from reading something naughty…something kinky. We love to lose ourselves in the fantasy. The powerful lord who sweeps the lady away to his remote estate to ravish her. The cowboy who takes the sassy city girl over his knee to teach her a lesson. The devilishly charming pirate who seduces his beautiful captive. I write those erotic fantasies.

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