The Sister and the Sinner by Carolyn Faulkner

J.D. Holt wasn’t at all what he seemed when he tackled Sister Mary Francis in the vegetable garden of her ramshackle convent near Deadwood in the Dakota Territories. But he needed a safe place to hide and recover and a convent seemed better than most.
Especially if all of the other sisters looked like this one.
Sister Mary Francis was sure he was an outlaw, a claim jumper or both, especially since he seemed to be all too ready to use that business end of that knife to get what he wanted, and the flat of his hand on her bottom if that was quicker. And when things blossomed between them, despite her reservations and his secretiveness, his wasn’t the only blood that was going to be spilled.
Winter Spice by Vanessa Liebe

What are girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice, right? With winter in full swing and Christmas fast approaching, it could be that each of them-an undisciplined twenty-something, a kiss-o-gram for hire, a student cleaning houses for extra cash, and a debutante-needs that little extra Winter Spice in their lives.
The Wrong Script by Jamie Phillips

La-la Land. The city of angels. The place where ordinary Joe or Jane can realize their dream of becoming rich and famous.

For Tori, Los Angeles is not living up to its promise. Rather than living her dream, she’s waiting tables-hoping for her big break. And hoping it will come before she runs completely out of money. In desperate times, we all take desperate measures, so she takes one step toward becoming a little less poor, possibly at the cost of becoming infamous.

Mark is a writer who has realized his dream. His book is about to become a real, honest to goodness, Hollywood blockbuster. He’s come down from Canada to work on the script. When he spies a beautiful young woman in tears, he naturally swoops in to help. But this young woman confuses him. She pulls him to her, desperate for his guidance, then pushes him away. Sure it will help calm her, he uses his newfound influence to secure her a small part in the movie version of his best-selling book.

This is Tori’s big break, but instead of being happy, she’s panicking because her porn video is about to go viral. Everything will be ruined! Her big break will turn into a bust, and Mark will spurn her when he sees what she’s done. This is not the script she imagined for her life.

Mark cannot understand. Why isn’t she happy? What is she hiding? Her secrets threaten to put an end to their relationship before it even begins.

On the 12th Day of Christmas…
A Midwinter Marriage by Bryony Kildare

Lucinda has had the year from hell. Dumped by her boyfriend, passed over for promotion at work, and, worst of all, having to share a house with the Aussie guy who got the job she wanted. The last thing she wants is to spend Christmas with her disabled father and unhappy mother.
Boss and housemate Broderick has also had the year from hell. But he’s come to England to escape his memories and plans a merry Christmas with Aussie friends in a cottage in the country.

Broderick’s Christmas plans give Lucinda an idea. She pretends to her parents she’s headed for Christmas in the country with friends too, and instead decides to stay home alone in London. But a tragic train crash on Christmas Eve changes Broderick’s plans and unravels Lucinda’s lies. Broderick is determined they’ll both enjoy a merry Christmas – but first, he nee

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