Bruised and stunned by the death of her aristocratic English husband in World War II, Boston heiress Katie Killarney is determined never to risk her heart again. But a steamy encounter with a ruthless Miami gambler plunges the well-born Irish beauty into a dangerous world of scandals and secrets – and forces her to choose between playing it safe and risking it all for love.
Frankie “Diamonds” Donatello is a tough guy who’s seen it all, never plays by the rules, and always gets what he wants. When he meets Katie, he senses the fire beneath her icy facade, the passion under the disdainful mask, and the need for love beneath her wartime grief. Frankie’s motives are purely selfish at first. Seducing sexy Katie is a way to gain leverage over her father, and muscle into Boston society with the blessings of her powerful, well-connected family. But wild and willful Katie is much more than Frankie bargained for. Underneath the sophisticated charm and allure she is both a fearless daredevil and a wounded widow, a fiery Irish rebel in need of both warm hugs and firm discipline.
Can high-rolling Frankie Diamonds give her the love she needs without losing everything he’s gambled for in the process? Can Katie emerge from her grief and open her heart to a man who is strong enough to love her?  Can they, together, form a new bond that unites them as a powerful couple?
Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of consensual disciplineof adult women, sexual scenes and adult language. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

Cassandra Kent has lost everything: her fortune, her family, and her beloved ancestral home. Worst of all, she has been sent to Miss Robin’s Academy, a private finishing school in which young women are trained for marriage to military officers.
She immediately starts hatching a plan to escape. But when she runs headlong into handsome, unyielding Captain Alexander Fletcher, she begins to have second thoughts… particularly when the discipline she dreads turns out to have unexpected benefits.
Will Cassandra follow through with her plan to run away? Or could she find happiness under Captain Fletcher’s firm but loving hand?
DISCLAIMER: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, discipline, explicit sexual scenes, medical and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.