By Jen Christiansen
After being ignored and neglected, I never thought I would be worthy of a man’s love. Then I met Rick and the sting of his hand…
I didn’t leave my husband because I hated him. I left him because I wanted to love me. I wanted to experience life and lust and love in all its many forms. I wanted to experience the kind of sex you read about in pulp novels and on bathroom walls. So, I packed up a few things and left a man who considered sex with the lights on to be too kinky.
I traveled across the country but there was nothing for me on the open road. I was too shy, too nervous, and too reserved to pick up some random guy. No matter how many times I tried, there was a mental block stopping me from simply asking for what I wanted.
And then I met Rick. Handsome, strong, and the opposite of my husband. He wasn’t afraid to take what he wanted but, more importantly, he knew what I needed and was more than willing to give it to me. The kind of passion he brings out in me threatens to destroy me…
Publisher’s Note: This book is intended for adults only. It contains deep elements of power-exchange and BDSM. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.
By Jamie Phillips
In this second volume of rainy day stories, Jamie Phillips takes the reader on a journey through a rainier, slightly darker day. You will experience a bit of the supernatural as you get into the ‘head’ of an old house that knows sensual secrets spanning decades of its inhabitants. You’ll learn of the unexpected joy that may come from the simple act of clicking the wrong link in an email. If you’ve ever wondered exactly how close a connection identical twins can have, you may just find your answer in this volume of More Stories for Rainy Days. You will also be carried away to a deserted island, and take a journey that starts in the world of BDSM dungeons, ending in the light of happy domestic discipline.
Publisher’s Note: These nine short stories contain some dark, sexually explicit themes, including anal play, age play, and other aspects of BDSM.
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