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Dear Readers,
Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. It is you who gave me the courage to attempt writing my first, darker suspense book. I’m pleased and excited to bring you my latest book,Leather and Grace.
Leather and Grace by Maggie Ryan

A native of New Orleans, Quentin Doucet loves three things with a passion: working with leather to create items that bring both pain and pleasure when shared with a willing partner; riding his vintage Indian motorcycle, and women who find their joy in the act of submission. The Big Easy seemed the perfect city in which to build a club offering a safe place to indulge in more than collecting Madri Gras beads, listening to jazz, eating Cajun food and cooling the spice by downing hurricanes served in tall glasses.
Quentin and his partner Brody renovate a home near the French Quarter. From the moment they opened the doors, Plaisir, is an instant success. The owners are very careful about vetting not only their employees but their clients. The waiting list for membership is long and life is good-until the day Beth disappears. Unable to deal with the guilt of not keeping her safe, Quentin disappears into the swamps, pushing away the very people who want to help him through his grief until circumstances force him to return to New Orleans. Realizing there is no way to go forward until he revisits the past, Quentin is determined to bring the person who took Beth from the world to justice.
Grace Hensley feels an instant attraction to Quentin the moment she meets him. A gifted artist, her paintings depict intense emotions: hope, love, joy. Her soul aches to remove the pain, despair and anger within the depths of his steel grey eyes. His touch has her pulse racing and she knows that his painting would be one of passion. Before she can even think of putting brush to canvas, he blatantly states he isn’t interested in a relationship unless she wants just a quickie.
 So what happens when she looks up on the first night of her class at the most popular club in town to discover her instructor is none other than the man who made her heart pound and her panties dampen the moment he stepped into the gallery? She refuses to be dissuaded from her need to solve the enigma that is Master Doucet. What happens when Quentin’s determination to remain aloof erodes a bit more every moment he spends with Grace? Watching her joy in her journey of submission has the ice melting around his soul. But is he really being given another chance or is fate just waiting to destroy him-again? What happens when history repeats itself and Grace disappears right from under his eyes?
I hope you take the journey to New Orleans with me. The swamps hide a multitude of sins but will they also offer salvation? I look forward to hearing from you and hearing what you think.  It is on sale for the weekend and is available on KU on Amazon.
Happy Reading,
Maggie Ryan
Note from Blushing Books:  On sale for $2.99 this weekend only (regular price will be $4.99 onMonday, August 22nd).  Because this book is an Amazon KU selection, it will ONLY be available on Amazon (& FREE if you have an Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription!)
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